Hackney Carriage vehicle register

This is a complete list of all the hackney carriage vehicles which are licensed by Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council.  This list is automatically updated every day, so the information contained within will never be more than 24 hours out of date.

Licence Number - This corresponds to the number displayed on the hackney carriage licence plate displayed on the rear of the licensed vehicle.

Licensee - The individual or organisation which holds the licence for the Hackney Carriage vehicle.

The list can be sorted by any field by clicking the column headings.  The first click will perform an ascending sort and a second click on the same column heading will perform a descending sort.

Licence NumberProprietorOther Proprietors
H1Mr Dalip JoshiMrs Chandrika Joshi
H2Mr Steven Tawton 
H4Mr Shahel Ahmed 
H5Mr Dalip JoshiMrs Chandrika Joshi
H7Mr Dalip JoshiMrs Chandrika Joshi
H8Mr Stuart Hart 
H9Mr Shaid Khaliq 
H10Mr Peter MacPherson 
H11Mr Dalip JoshiMrs Chandrika Joshi
H12Ms Olufunke Akinleye 
H17Mr Dalip JoshiMrs Chandrika Joshi
H20Mr John Bernard DeaconMrs Janet Denise Deacon
H36Mr Lee ChristianMrs Chris Addis
H103Mr Gary MichaelsMs Martina Soal
H114Mr Alexander FrancisMrs Andrea June Francis
H119Mr Peter MacphersonMrs Avril Macpherson
H120Mr Philip Arlott 
H127Mr Terry ClarkeMrs Carol Clarke
H128Mr Steven William MurphyMrs Caroline Murphy
H129Mr Derek M CraigMr Louis Dispinseri
H130Mr Peter RustMrs Pamela Rust
H131Mr Derek CraigMr Louis Dispinseri
H132Mr Colin AddisMrs Christine Addis
H133Mr Steve GubbyMrs Carol Ann Morgan
H134Mr Derek CraigMr Louis Dispinseri
Mr Neil Baker
H135Mr Derek CraigMr Louis Dispinseri
H136Mr Terry Irving 
H138Mr Dalip JoshiMrs Chandrika D Joshi
H141Mr Phil Arlott 
H146Mr James ShoulderMrs Iris Shoulder
H151Mr Phil Arlott 
H153Mr Peter DaintyMr Keith Farmer
H154Mr Peter DaintyMrs Hazel Dainty
H155Mr Samuel SohachevskyMrs Mrs Susan Sohachevsky
H157Mr Peter MacPhersonMrs Avril Macpherson
H158Mr Malcolm Gordon HicksMr Darren Hicks
H159Mr Philip Arlott 
H160Mr Philip Arlott 
H162Mr Philip Arlott 
H165Mr Phil Arlott 
H167Mr Philip Arlott 
H168Mr Philip Arlott 
H172Mr Phil Arlott 
H173Mr Leslie Mervyn IrvingMrs Margaret Rose Irving
H175Mr Dalip JoshiMrs Chandrika D. Joshi
H176Mr Michael MatthewsMrs Elizabeth Matthews
H177Mr Derek CraigMr Dispinseri Louis
H178Mr Derek CraigMr Louis Dispinseri
H179Mr Derek Holden 
H181Mr Dalip JoshiMr Graham Wride
H186Mr Phil ArlottThe London Taxi Company Ltd
H199Mr Derek Craig 
H212Mr Mick GilluleyMrs Hazel Gilluley
H222Mr Derek CraigMr Greg Hilton
H223Mr Derek CraigMr Louis Dispinseri
H234Mr Phil Arlott 
H244Mr Kenneth Barlas 
H245Mr Brian DoyleMr Jack Doyle
H247Mr Simon O'Connor 
H250Mr Desmond FlanaganMrs Ann Grey
H251Mr William Edward Pickett 
H254Ms Alison Bosanquet 
H255Mr Shaid Khaliq 
H256Mr Stephen Greenwood 
H257Mr Colin Jones 
H258Mr Shahel AhmedMrs Rajia Ahmed
H259Mr Peter MacPherson