Equality Impact Assessments

One of the ways that Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council works towards making services accessible to everyone is by using Equality Impact Assessment (EIAs). Where relevant, these are carried out on certain new or changed services, strategies and policies.  The aim of EIAs is to identify any potential barriers or discrimination and promote equality of opportunity and good relations between different groups.

By carrying out EIAs it also means that if a potential negative impact of a proposed action is identified, reasonable ways in which to deal with it can be identified and considered, before a decision is taken on how the service will be delivered.

The Equality Act 2010 is in place to ensure that no one faces discrimination on the ground of disability, age, gender, religion/belief, sexual orientation, race, transgender, pregnancy or maternity, marriage or civil partnerships status when accessing our services or working for the council. Find out more information on the councils' Public Sector Equality Duty, which form part of the Equality Act 2010. 

Below is a list of completed EIAs.  Each completed assessment has been validated by the council's Equality Strategy Group and a summary report showing the key information for each assessment is attached.

Document Type Size
Adoption Leave Policy PDF    82KB
Annual Core Funding Process PDF 120KB
Bear Lion and Eagle Court PDF 68KB
Campus Accomodation PDF 108KB
Childcare Voucher Scheme PDF 84KB
Closing the Malls PDF 76KB
Data Breach Policy PDF 97KB
Data Protection PDF 77KB
Data Sharing PDF 87KB
Deanes Reception PDF 251KB
Design Quality Initiative PDF 146KB
Domestic Violence Post PDF 88KB
Draft Residential Amenity Design Guidance PDF 81KB
Freedom of Information Policy PDF 103KB
Gender Reassignment Policy PDF 91KB
Housing Register Allocation PDF 127KB
Information Retention and Disposal PDF 106KB
Information Security PDF 113KB
Joint Contract for Waste and Recycling PDF 55KB
Letting of the Waste and Recycling Contract PDF 55KB
Licensing Policy 2011-2014 PDF 67KB
Living Landscapes PDF 137KB
Malls blue badge parking PDF 97KB
Malls Concessionary Parking PDF 168KB
Parklands Reception PDF 133KB
Paternity Maternity Leave PDF 83KB
Pension and Severance Policy Validation Paperwork PDF 66KB
Qmatic - Queue Management System PDF 175KB
Retirement Policy PDF 195KB
RIPA - Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act PDF 97KB
Sustainable Community Strategy PDF 176KB
Unauthorised Encampments PDF 77KB