Household waste recycling centre

The Household Waste Recycling Centre (HWRC) is often referred to as the 'tip' or the 'dump' but more than 60% of the materials taken there are recycled.  Each site is run by a private contractor, on behalf of Hampshire County Council, for residents to dispose of bulky household items with material being re-used or recycled as much as possible. This benefits the taxpayer by minimising the cost of disposal for the remaining unrecyclable rubbish. The HWRC in Basingstoke is on Wade Road - see below for a map.

Site staff are encouraged to recycle or reuse as much waste as possible. They are permitted to sell on any suitable objects, and are incentivised to do so to generate additional income.

Household waste recycling centre sign

Household waste recycling centre sign

Opening hours and locations

The HWRCs tend to be busier at weekends, particularly during the summer.  To avoid long queues, consider visiting during the week or making use of the longer opening hours in summer.

The HWRCs are open every day of the year, except 25 and 26 December and 1 January. The opening times are:

April to September - 8am to 7pm
October to February - 8am to 4pm
March - 8am to 5pm

Click here for a map of Basingstoke's HWRC

Click here for a map of Andover's HWRC

Click here for a map of Hartley Wintney's HWRC

If you live near Newbury, please click here for more information

What can I recycle?

These sites are for household waste only. Commercial, industrial or trade waste will not be taken.

Please note that restrictions apply when disposing of soil, rubble and other DIY waste at the HWRC. You can take the equivalent of a medium-sized car boot full of waste (approximately the contents of six medium-sized sacks) no more than an average of once a month per year, per household.

For information on what can be recycled, take a look at the document what can I recycle at the Household Waste Recycling Centre?

Further information

Find out more further information on Hampshire County Council's Waste Management website, email or contact Hampshire County Council on 0845 603 5634.

The telephone number for the HWRC at Wade Road, Basingstoke is 01256 461750.