Financial support for residents and businesses affected by flooding

Financial support is available for:

  • people whose home has been flooded or have been evacuated as a result of the adverse weather since 1 December 2013, in the form of council tax rebates and flood resilience grants
  • for businesses affected by the adverse weather since 1 December 2013, in the form of business rate relief, flood resilience grants and a hardship fund.

Council tax rebates for flooded and evacuated residents

Council tax rebates are available for both flooded and evacuated residents. The council will provide a rebate on council tax for those homes that have been flooded or have been evacuated.

The rebate is for 100% of the council tax payable for a minimum of three months, subject to a maximum period of a year. 

Under Section 13a of the Local Government Finance Act 1992, residents with homes affected by the recent floods can apply for a further discount from council tax. This means that for the time that they are living in temporary accommodation whilst their main home is flood damaged they will not be charged council tax. The discount will only apply to residents forced to move out of their properties.

The discount will apply for every day that the property is empty and in need of substantial building or remedial works to make it habitable again. The discount can last up to 12 months. We will apply the discount where we have evidence that they are incurring a rental cost living in temporary accommodation and we will deal with this on a case by case basis.

For more details contact the council’s Local Tax team on 01256 358555 or email

Flood resilience grants for homeowners and businesses

Grants of up to £5,000 may be available to homeowners and business that have been flooded to help make their properties more resilient or resistant to flooding in the future.

The grants do not cover repairs that would normally be covered through insurance policies. The grants are for improvements that are over and above simply making good the damages. For normal repairs and losses contact your insurance company.

The grants are available from 1 April 2014 and are subject to a professional survey to identify appropriate flood resilience measures. The grant also covers the cost of the survey.

The kinds of measures that could be considered are set out below. This is an indicative list; different measures will be appropriate for different properties at different stages in the repair process.

The list includes both:

  • resistance measures (designed to keep the water out)
  • and resilience measures (internal modifications intended to reduce the cost of any damage from flood water).

Property level-measures

Indicative cost range


Airbrick cover


Sewerage bung


Toilet pan seal


Self-closing airbrick


Non-return valves 12mm overflow pipe


Silicone gel around openings for cables etc.


Repair mortar


Non-return valves 40mm utility waste pipe


Re-pointing external walls with water resistant mortar


Waterproof external walls


Sump Pump


Non-return valves 110mm soil waste pipe


Demountable door guards


Demountable window guards


Replace sand-cement screeds on solid concrete slabs (with dense screed)


Replace ovens with raised, built-under type


Replace mineral insulation within walls with closed cell insulation


Move electrics well above likely flood level


Replace chipboard flooring with treated timber floorboards


Mount boilers on wall


Automatic door guards


Move service meters above likely flood level


Garage/driveway barrier


Replace floor including joists with treated timber to make it water resilient


Replace gypsum plaster with water resistant material, such as lime


Replace chipboard kitchen/bathroom units with plastic units


Install chemical damp-proof course below joist level


Replace timber floor with solid concrete


If you feel that you are eligible or would like more information please email or call 01256 844844 to register your interest and more information will be sent to you as available.

More details on the scheme are also available on the website.

Business rate relief

The council will provide business rate relief for businesses that have been flooded.

The relief is for 100% for three months of the business rates payable regardless of how long your business has been flooded.

For more information contact the council’s Local Tax Team on 01256 358555 or email  

Business support scheme (hardship fund)

Smaller local companies affected by flooding can apply for grants from the borough council to help recover from the impacts on their business.

The government has allocated the council £65,000 of funding to set up a grant scheme open to small and medium sized enterprises in areas impacted by recent floods who have suffered damage, building problems or significant loss of trade.

The scheme allows small and medium sized local businesses to claim for up to £5,000 to help to get back on their feet. To be eligible companies will need to prove that they suffered damage or loss of premises, equipment or stock or were unable to trade normally as a result of flooding.

The money is aimed at helping with clean-up costs or the hire of drying equipment or temporary accommodation to continue trading. It will also help businesses suffering financially after the flooding by helping them to make up excesses on their insurance claims, cover costs that they cannot reclaim for replacing buildings, equipment or stock or to fund structural surveys needed as a result of the floods.

Financial support through a hardship fund is available for businesses that have been flooded or have been indirectly affected through significant loss of trade.

If you feel that your business was affected the guidance notes giving more information and the application form are below.

For more information contact the council’s Economic Development Team on 01256 845525 or email