Tree Service

There are thousands of trees in our parks and gardens and along our streets. Some are important local landmarks, others help to soften and enhance built-up areas. Trees also provide an important habitat and food source for wildlife.

The tree service maintains and enhances the quality of trees in the borough. As well as maintaining trees growing in our parks, woodlands and along our streets, we encourage the management of privately owned trees and trees on development sites.

You can find further information from the following webpages:


For further information on making an application to fell or undertake works to trees covered by a Tree Preservation Order, please our webpage on Application for tree works - Works to trees subject to a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) and/or Notification of proposed works to trees in conservation areas.

If you want further information on making a Tree Preservation Order, please take a look at the following guidance request to make a new Tree Preservation Order

Policy and guidance

Tree Policy

The tree policy relates to the council's roles in managing its own trees and influencing the management of privately owned trees and woodlands, including those on development sites and can be downloaded below.

Landscape and Biodiversity Supplementary Planning Document

The council's Landscape and Biodiversity supplementary planning document (SPD) supports a number of policies in the Basingstoke and Deane Local Plan 1996-2011, including E1, E2, E3, E5, E6, E7 and E8 and can be downloaded below.

Advice leaflets

You may find the information in the following leaflets useful.


Further information

For tree enquiries relating to tree preservation orders, trees in conservation areas, and trees on development sites, you can submit an enquiry online :

For tree enquiries relating to borough council owned trees or highway trees in Basingstoke and Chineham, phone the council on (01256) 844844. Alternatively, use the online form below.

If you are unsure whether the tree is owned by the council or is privately owned please call our contact centre who will direct your call appropriately.

Email :
Phone : 01256 844844