Planning policy guidance

The council has produced an adopted Supplementary Planning Guidance (SPG) on a range of topics to help designers, applicants and council officers prepare and evaluate development proposals.  These adopted guidance documents are a material consideration when determining planning applications.  You can download the adopted guidance documents below.

In addition, the council is now in the process of preparing several Supplementary Planning Documents (SPDs), which fulfil a similar role to SPGs.  It is important to be aware of these documents in putting together any planning applicationsPlease click here for details of the Supplementary Planning Documents that are being prepared.

Section 106 Planning obligations and community infrastructure

Planning obligations are negotiated through S106 agreements to enable development proposals to meet the needs of the local community by securing developer contributions towards the provision of community infrastructure, affordable housing and services.  The Planning Obligations and Community Infrastructure Guidance document was adopted by the council in July 2005 (revised April 2011 and revised again in April 2013). 

A copy of the Transport Contributions Policy can be downloaded below.

The council will aim to secure affordable housing provision on development sites of a certain size.  This is to provide for local households, whose incomes are insufficient to enable them to afford adequate accommodation in the private housing market.

Further advice on Planning Obligations and Legal Agreements is available by clicking here.