Climate Change - what we are doing

Severe weather events in the borough have shown that the global issue of climate change is now a local problem and reducing the area’s carbon emissions and planning for the effects of extreme weather is high on our agenda.

The Council's Climate Change Strategy

The council adopted a new Climate Change Strategy in April 2014 to set out how it is seeking to address the issue of climate change locally, including the adoption of national targets around carbon emission reductions and the use of renewable energy. It establishes the following three pledges in the strategy:

  • to lead by example in reducing its carbon emissions year on year
  • to help residents, community groups and businesses to reduce their emissions and manage climate risks
  • to work with partners to help raise awareness and support initiatives to reduce and mitigate the impacts of climate change.

For each pledge, the draft strategy sets out:

  • What other policies and strategies are in place to help deliver them
  • What actions will we take to deliver them
  • What grants or funding opportunities are available to assist
  • How will we measure success
  • How our partners are contributing

View the current Council's Strategy.

Climate local commitment

In Summer 2014, the council’s Portfolio Holder for Community Service and the Environment, Councillor Hayley Eachus signed the Climate Local Commitment. This recognises that our council has an important role to help our residents and businesses to capture the opportunities and benefits of action on climate change. These include saving money on energy bills, generating income from renewable energy, attracting new jobs and investment in ‘green’ industries, supporting new sources of energy, managing local flood-risk and water scarcity and protecting our natural environment.

View a copy of our signed commitment

Sustainable living

Sustainable living is about promoting social, economic and environmental wellbeing all at the same time. The aim is to improve the quality of life for people today as well as thinking about those who will live after us. This means achieving social and economic progress but without draining or damaging the resources in the natural environment that actually support our own survival.

We are committed to working towards sustainable development as set out in our Sustainability Policy which can be viewed below. Sustainable Development is included in the Sustainable Community Strategy providing a vision to improve quality of life for everyone who lives, works in or visits the area.

Carbon Management achievements

Carbon reduction - 2007 to 2012
We successfully reduced our carbon emissions by 21% between 2007 and 2012, please see report below. We are continuing to drive forward low carbon actions and behaviours to achieve more reductions, further financial savings and to present a good example to communities and partners in the borough.

PDF document Plan for carbon reduction (PDF, 433 kb)

Carbon Management Study - November 2012
Working with URS Scott Wilson, we produced a Carbon Management Study, which you can read below setting out how the council plans to reduce its carbon footprint over the next few years. This study will help inform budgetary decisions and will feed into the review of the Climate Change Strategy. A commitment has been made to reduce carbon emissions in the council's own buildings and operations by 15% by 2016. Take a look at the document Carbon Reporting 2014-2015 below for more details on progress to date.

PDF document Carbon Management Study (PDF, 4 Mb)

PDF document Carbon Reporting 2015-16 (PDF, 170 kb)

Home Energy Conservation Act (HECA)

The HECA requires all local authorities to produce annual reports on domestic energy performance across all residential properties in their area. Reports have to set out actions and opportunities that councils are proposing to improve the energy efficiency of housing in their areas, reduce fuel poverty and cut carbon emissions.

Our HECA reports for 2014, 2015 and 2017 are available to view below.

PDF document HECA Report - March 2014 (PDF, 445 kb)

PDF document HECA Report - March 2015 (PDF, 620 kb)

PDF document HECA Report March 2017 (PDF, 360 kb)

Information on support and advice available for businesses

Please see our Climate change for business page for information on support and advice available for businesses.

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Climate Change team

If you have an enquiry about climate change or sustainability, send a message to the Climate Change Team


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