Request Mayor’s attendance at your event

If you would like to invite the Mayor to a function or event, please complete the online request form below. Please give as much notice as possible.

When it has been confirmed that the Mayor is available to attend your event you will be asked to complete a more detailed online form. The information requested is vital to ensure that all the arrangements can be made for the Mayor (or Deputy Mayor in his/her absence) to attend your function and it would be appreciated if this could be returned at least 14 days before the event.

It also gives the Mayor the chance to find out more about the event and your organisation before attending.

Request Mayor's attendance at your event

How to address the Mayor and Deputy Mayor

The correct form of address for invitations and programmes is:

The Mayor

The Worshipful the Mayor of Basingstoke and Deane Cllr ...............

Where the Mayoress/Consort/Escort is present:

The Worshipful the Mayor and Mayoress/Consort/Escort of Basingstoke and Deane Cllr .............. and ..............

The Mayor should be addressed as 'Mr Mayor' or ‘Madam Mayor’ and the Mayoress as 'Mayoress' or Consort/Escort Mr/Mrs .........

The Deputy Mayor

The Deputy Mayor of Basingstoke and Deane Cllr...............

Where the Deputy Mayoress/Consort/Escort is present:

The Deputy Mayor and Mayoress of Basingstoke and Deane Cllr .................. and .....................

The Deputy Mayor should be addressed as 'Mr Deputy Mayor' or ‘Madam Deputy Mayor’ and the Deputy Mayoress as 'Deputy Mayoress' or Consort/Escort Mr/Mrs .........

Greeting the Mayor

A responsible person must be in attendance to receive the Mayor immediately upon arrival, to escort him/her and to host him/her during the visit. Normally, it would be expected that the Mayor would arrive last at a function, when everyone else is in place. But, if the Mayor is taking part in a reception line, he/she should be asked to attend 15 minutes before the start of the proceedings in order that he/she may be briefed and meet the organisers.

Order of preference

The Local Government Act 1972 says that the Mayor "shall have priority in all places in the borough, except over HM The Queen, members of the Royal Family and the Lord Lieutenant". Therefore the Mayor is normally the most important person at your event, for example the Mayor has priority over members of parliament and other councillors. The place to be reserved for the Mayor should be on the immediate right, and for the Mayoress on the immediate left, of the Chairman or other person presiding. If the Deputy Mayor attends representing the Mayor the same applies.

Toast list or agenda

If the function is a dinner, lunch or public meeting, a copy of the toast list or agenda showing the order of procedure should be forwarded to the Mayor's office as soon as possible to

A list of VIPs attending the function should also be provided if possible. It is particularly important to notify the Mayor if the Lord Lieutenant is attending.

If there is to be a toast to the Borough of Basingstoke and Deane, to which the Mayor would reply it should immediately follow the Loyal Toast. Click here for details of toasts


If there is to be a toast to the Borough of Basingstoke and Deane (to which the Mayor would reply), it should immediately follow the Loyal Toast. The Mayor should be accorded the privilege of being the first speaker. If she/he is to speak an indication of the time allowed and the subject matter, should be notified to the Civic Officer. If the Mayor does not speak the speaker(s) should acknowledge her presence.

Contact details

Civic Officer


Telephone: 01256 844844


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