Mayors awards

Mayor's awards to individuals

The Mayor makes an award at the end of his or her year, presented at Annual Council, to up to three people who he or she feels have made a contribution to life in Basingstoke but who would not necessarily otherwise be recognised for example by a Queen’s award.

Past awards have gone to people who have worked in areas such as organising sport for young people, theatre and arts activities, contributing to village life. The award is a badge supplied by Thomas Fattorini of Birmingham and can be worn on a ribbon at Civic occasions.

The awards are entirely at the discretion of the Mayor.

Mayor Recipients
1993/94 Cllr Keith Brant Nora Wickens, Roy Shepperd and Graham Viner
1994/95 Cllr John Shears Brian Dearling and Terry Thornhill
1995/96 Cllr John Greenwood Barbara Bethell and James Flintoff
1996/97 Cllr Tom Garland JP Pipp Care
1997/98 Cllr Roger Morris Derek Brooks, Barbara Kitching and Peter Raynbird
1998/99 Cllr Derick Mirfin Hannah Williams
1999/2000 Cllr Lynden Jones Ann McAllister and Mervyn Rees
2000/01 Cllr Marilyn Tucker Paul Wright and Marilyn Wright
2001/02 Cllr Rose Wellman Shirley Thompson and Joan Walker
2002/03 Cllr Mrs Rita Burgess Howard Bentley
2003/04 Cllr Gerald Traynor Mr P Hurl, Sheila Knight and Paul Chong
2004/05 Cllr Mrs Gwen Richardson Mrs C Gould and Mrs E Cox
2005/06 Cllr Paula Baker Kishor Luthra
2006/07 Cllr Tony Jones Angela Connor, Linda Warner, Judith Armstrong and Beverley Flanagan
2007/08 Cllr Warwick Lovegrove Kevin Laing, Maureen Elkins and Penny Waterfield
2008/09 Cllr George Hood Robert Brown and Barbara Woolford
2009/10 Cllr Brian Gurden Margaret Payne, Vanessa Aylett and Pat Marshall
2010/11 Cllr Keith Chapman Ian Aherne, Dave Holby, Hazel O'Leary and Bill Sample
2011/12 Cllr David Leeks Dai Ogborn and Mark Jones
2012/13 Cllr Martin Biermann Jill Jones and David Watton
2013/14 Cllr Dan Putty Michelle Le Warne, Gordon Piper and Kanak Rajgor
2014/15 Cllr Roger Gardiner David Stewart, Derek Newland and Julie Gary
2015/16 Cllr Anne Court Pip Iles, Frank Connolly and Pat Moriarty

Mayor's awards to business

The Mayor makes an award at the end of his or her year, presented at Annual Council to a business from the borough who he or she feels has made a contribution to life in Basingstoke. Since 2007 the award has been a blown glass panel showing iconic Basingstoke buildings which can be wall mounted and is made by Siobhan Jones who was originally based at Viables Craft Centre.

Mayor Recipient
1999/2000 Cllr Lynden Jones Winterthur Life
2000/01 Cllr Marilyn Tucker Sun Life Financial of Canada
2001/02 Cllr Rose Wellman Eli Lilly
2002/03 Cllr Mrs Rita Burgess Gazette Newspapers
2003/04 Cllr Gerald Traynor Motorola
2004/05 Cllr Mrs Gwen Richardson The Anvil
2005/06 Cllr Paula Baker Centerprise
2006/07 Cllr Tony Jones Vitacress
2007/08 Cllr Warwick Lovegrove De La Rue
2008/09 Cllr George Hood Berry Bros & Rudd
2009/10 Cllr Brian Gurden Cobalt Telephone Technologies Ltd
2010/11 Cllr Keith Chapman Living Paintings
2011/12 Cllr David Leeks Basingstoke and North Hampshire Hospital NHS Trust
2012/13 Cllr Martin Biermann Basingstoke Energy Services Co-operative
2013/14 Cllr Dan Putty Chas A Blatchford & Sons Ltd
2014/15 Cllr Roger Gardiner Basingstoke College of Technology
2015/16 Cllr Anne Court St Michael's Home Care

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