Neighbourhood Planning Referendum

Neighbourhood plans

Under the Localism Act 2011, a town or parish has the ability to produce a neighbourhood plan, which can establish a strategic general planning policy for the development and use of land in the community.

Information on current neighbourhood plans in preparation are available to view on our Neighbourhood Plans webpage.

For general information on neighbourhood planning, please visit our Neighbourhood Planning webpages.

Proceeding to a referendum

When a town or parish council's draft plan has been approved by an independent examiner, the Borough Council is asked to put a question to voters of the relevant area at a referendum.

The question usually asks voters if they want Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council to use the neighbourhood plan when deciding planning applications in the area.

Referendum on the Bramley Neighbourhood Plan for the Bramley Neighbourhood Area

A Referendum was held on Thursday 9 February 2017 to decide on the following question:

"Do you want Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council to use the neighbourhood plan for Bramley to help it decide planning applications in the neighbourhood area?"

PDF document Notice of Referendum - Bramley (PDF, 188 kb)

PDF document Notice of Poll and Situation of Polling Stations - Bramley (PDF, 107 kb)

PDF document Declaration of Result of Poll - Bramley (PDF, 190 kb)

Campaign groups

If you are involved with a campaign group for either outcome, please email the names and contact details of the group's chair and vice-chair.

Please read the guidance for borough and parish councillors for further information.

Results for Oakley and Deane neighbourhood planning referendum

Oakley and Deane results - referendum held on Thursday 17 March 2016
Overton results - referendum held on Thursday 23 June 2016


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