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Latest population and household estimates

2013 Mid-Year Population Estimates: the Office for National Statistics (ONS) releases population estimates for each local authority in England and Wales, by age and sex, annually, approximately one year in arrears.
The latest Mid-Year Estimates therefore relate to Mid-2013, having been published by ONS on 26 June 2014. The estimated resident population of Basingstoke and Deane at Mid-2013 is 171,900, representing an increase of roughly 1,400 people over the year from Mid-2012, and more than 4,000 since the 2011 Census.
Further information, including methodology and comparative data for other local authorities, can be accessed on the ONS website at: 2013 MYE

Population and household data are sometimes used as a denominators for calculating performance indicators.
When calculating a "rate per head of population" (all ages), the figure of 171,900 should be used as the borough population for 2013 (Source: 2013 Mid-Year Population Estimates for England and Wales, ONS);

For "rate per household" a household figure of 70,300 should be used for 2012, and 70,600 for 2013 (Source: Projected from 2011 Census figure using rounded actual net dwelling completions).

2011 Census

Much of the output from the 2011 Census has now been published.
The complete set of 'Key Statistics' and 'Quick Statistics', providing a wide range of simple 'univariate' Census data at various geographical levels within Hampshire, is available at:
Hampshire County Council's 2011 Census Information
In addition, various reports at local authority level are also available via this link, covering topics such as change over the period 2001-2011, together with local authority Summary Factsheets and a schedule of 'cross-tabulated' datasets, in the form of 'Detailed Characteristics' and 'Local Characteristics', from which data can be provided on request by contacting Hampshire County Council's demography team.

Analysis of 2011 Census data for the borough at ward level can be found in - Ward Profiles 2015

More information on the 2011 Census, together with archived data from the 2001 Census, can be found in - Census information

Ward, parish, local authority and electoral boundary maps

The Ordnance Survey Election Maps website provides accurate and up to date geographic data. Users can select from a variety of administrative and electoral boundaries that can be overlaid on the base mapping.

An excellent alternative is provided by the Neighbourhood Statistics Map Viewer, where all levels of administrative boundaries can be viewed, as well as the ONS Output Area hierarchy.

Further facts and figures

A concise social, economic and environmental description of the borough can be found by taking a look at A portrait of Basingstoke and Deane.

For a quick overview of key headline data for the borough, go to Quick Stats.

Analysis of the English Indices of Deprivation 2010 (ID 2010), the latest information on deprivation in the local area published by the Department for Communities and Local Government (CLG), can be found by viewing Indices of deprivation.

For a quick reference guide to source data, go to Facts and Figures A-Z.

For evidence based policies, strategies and research publications, take a look at Publications and Reports.

To learn more about the technical terms used on this website, take a look at the Definitions webpage.


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