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Basingstoke and Deane Homebid is a website where the council and their partner housing providers advertise social housing vacancies each week. In order to bid on properties, you need to be on the housing register, which is kept by the council.

How does Homebid work?

Under Homebid you still have to fill out an application form and be accepted onto our housing register. However, instead of waiting until you are offered a home, you can play an active role in finding a home for yourself.

Empty social housing properties are advertised each week on the Homebid website and newsletters will be made available at lots of places within the area.

By using the Homebid website you can find out information about the area the home is in including schools, shops, and bus routes. The website shows pictures of features and facilities, as well as a photograph of the property (where available). Adverts for properties include information to help you know whether the home is suitable for you, for example an advert for a three bedroom house might suggest that people with two or more children are most likely to be offered the home.

If you want to be re-housed, you will need to look at the adverts each week to see if there is a suitable home. If there is, you will need to bid for it. Bidding does not mean putting down money - the term bidding is used to mean 'show an interest in'. There are different ways to bid including through the website, by telephone or by text message. People who need extra help with bidding can cask another person to place their bids for them, for example a friend or member of their family.

Adverts are live between 12:01 am on Thursday morning and midnight on Monday. This gives applicants five days to put their bids on each week. You will have the opportunity to place a maximum of one bid every bidding cycle. After the bidding is closed the applicants for each property are sorted into a shortlist based on their housing need band and waiting time. The applicant with the highest need band and longest waiting time will be offered the property. At this time eligibility will be checked and the applicant will have the opportunity to look at the home and decide if they want to accept it. If they do not accept the home it will be offered to the next highest person on the shortlist. Applicants will only be made three reasonable offers of accommodation and if a third property is turned down, the applicant will be demoted into Band 3 for 12 months.

Although the council take into account an applicant's level of need for housing when assessing their application, the advantage of using Basingstoke's Homebid is that customers will have more choice over the homes and the areas they live in.

Visit our Homebid FAQs page to view frequently asked questions.

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