Service delays and reporting a missed bin

Use the form below to check if collections in your road have been made yet and/or to report a missed bin.

Missed collections can be reported if we have already carried out collections in your road but your bin has not been emptied in error.

If your road is showing as outstanding it means we are aware and collections have not yet taken place.

Please report your missed bin by the end of the next working day following a collection, otherwise our crews will return on your next scheduled collection day.

Step 1: If your bin has been missed, first, check the reasons we may not collect.
Step 2: Submit the form using the button below to see if collections have been made in your road yet.
Step 3: If collections have been made in your road but your bin has been missed you will be able to request a missed bin collection.

Collections are made from the kerbside outside of your property from 6am (May to August) or 7am (September to April).

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