Public Spaces Protection Order - dog fouling consultation

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Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council would like to introduce a borough wide Public Space Protection Order (PSPO), to provide up to date enforcement powers to deal with dog fouling in public spaces. Before taking this proposal further, we would like to provide residents, businesses and visitors to the borough the opportunity to give their views on what is proposed.

In summary the we propose that a PSPO is made and that:

  • It be an offence for persons in control of a dog not to clear up after their dog has fouled in a public place.
  • That persons in control of a dog in a public place be expected to carry with them a way of clearing up after their dog has fouled, for example sufficient dog poo bags.
  • Failure to comply with a PSPO could result in an on the spot fine of £100 or ultimately prosecution.

Dog fouling that isn’t cleared away is a borough wide issue. It’s not something that is unique to one place which is why we propose that these controls be borough wide.

There is no specific offence in law that makes it an offence for a dog owner not to clean up after a dog has fouled. This is one of the reasons why we think we need this control. The draft PSPO can be seen in the supporting documents section below.

How to take part

The consultation is now closed.

Supporting documents

The supporting documents below include the draft PSPO, numbers of dog fouling reports across the borough between 2017-2019, a report from our Community Safety Patrolling Officers (CSPOs) regarding their dog fouling incident data and Dog Fouling Campaign, and results from the Residents Survey 2019 which showed that residents thought that clean and litter free streets were the second most important aspect in making somewhere a good place to live.

PDF document Draft Public Space Protection Order (PDF) [764 kb]

PDF document Dog fouling reports 2017 to 2019 (PDF) [47 kb]

PDF document Community Safety Patrol Officers dog fouling incident data (PDF) [477 kb]

PDF document Residents Survey 2019 - summary (PDF) [287 kb]

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How the results will be used

All comments received during the consultation period (10 August 2020 until 18 September 2020) will be considered.

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