Take the Lead
Find out about our Take the Lead campaign. We are asking dog owners to keep their pets under control. Read one of our resident's sad story about their beloved dog, Bobby.
Businesses and individuals carrying out skin treatments such as acupuncture, piercing, electrolysis and tattooing need to be registered.
Taxi (Hackney Carriage)
Information about hackney carriage taxi licensing in Basingstoke and Deane.
Taxi (Hackney Carriage) vehicle licensing
Information on how to apply for Hackney Carriage vehicle licence
Taxi (Hackney Carriage) vehicle register
Hackney vehicle register
Taxi and Private Hire drivers register
Taxi driver register
Taxi and Private Hire licensing newsletters
information on Taxi and Private Hire licensing newsletters
Taxi and Private Hire newsletters - back issues
Information on Taxi and Private Hire newsletters - back issues
Taxi ranks
Information on locations of taxi ranks
Temporary and occasional use notices
information on temporary and occasional use notices
Temporary event notice
Information on how to apply for temporary event notice
Tenancy Strategy
Introduction to the concept of flexible tenancies
Tender Resource Pack
We buy goods, works and services from a range of suppliers. Contracts vary from small one-off purchases to large works or service contracts. This guide will help you to do business with us.
Tender thresholds
Tender Thresholds
How to tender for business in Basingstoke and Deane
Information on sports facilities and what is available to book direct with the organisation in Basingstoke
The application process
A step by step process on the planning application process
The Cabinet
Find out how is on Basingstoke and Deane's Cabinet and what their roles are
The climate emergency
The climate emergency
The duty of the council to remove abandoned vehicles
Information on what Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council's duties are in respect of abandoned vehicles. Abandoning a vehicle could result in a prosecution or being served with a fixed penalty notice.
The ecological emergency
Information on how we can help the environment Ecological Emergency
The Elections Act 2022
The Elections Act 2022
The EU Settlement Scheme
Find out more about the EU Settlement Scheme, if it applies to you and how to apply.
The future of Basingstoke Leisure Park
Proposals to bring exciting new attractions to Basingstoke Leisure Park and make it a great place to spend time, with green spaces to relax in and a range of free outdoor activities, have been drawn up.
The Lime Pits Play Area Refurbishment
The Lime Pits Play Area Refurbishment Consultation page
The Malls concessionary parking card
The Malls concessionary parking Frequently asked questions
The Malls parking
Information on pay on foot parking system, how it works and evening parking
The Mayor's events
Information about the Mayor's events in Basingstoke and Deane.
The Peace Garden
Residents and businesses are being encouraged to help bring the design for the borough’s Peace Garden into a reality.
The vision
Information about the economic masterplan in Basingstoke
The Walled Garden
Information on location, opening times, booking fees, history and how to find Walled Garden
Tip (Waste)
Information on the household waste recycling centre, also known as the tip or the dump.
Toilets (Public)
Information on the council owned public toilets.
Top of the Town
Information on how to get to the Top of the Town, Basingstoke website
Information about the name of the borough, attractions, cycling paths, schools and twinned town
Traffic calming and management
Who to contact for highways maintenance, regulatory services, highway adoptions, safety engineering
Traffic lights
Who to contact for highways maintenance, regulatory services, highway adoptions, safety engineering
Training for Community and Voluntary groups
Learning opportunities for the voluntary and community sector in Basingstoke and Deane
Providing details of public transport that is available from Basingstoke to areas within and outside the borough
Open data is that non-personal information held by government and local councils should be freely available for anyone to use.
Transport (Transport)
links to transport websites
Transport (Parking, roads and transport)
Find out about public transport in Basingstoke and Deane. Report damage to a bus shelter
Transport Assessment
Information on transport assessment in support of its Local Plan
Transport Strategy
Transport strategy
Travel plan
Travel plans across the borough
Information on unauthorised encampments and how to report your concerns.
Tree advice and FAQs
Find answers to your questions about trees in Basingstoke and Deane
Tree Charter
We seek to ensure that trees and significant woodland is protected and maintained for current and future generations.
Tree preservation
Find out what a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) is and how to apply for one. Find out how to apply for works to be done to a protected tree.
Tree trails and self-guided walks
Information on tree trails and self-guided walks in Basingstoke and Deane.
Tree wardens
Tree Wardens are a national force of local volunteers dedicated to their communities’ trees
Trees and development
The council's tree service is required to comment and issue advice on planning applications where trees may be affected
Trees and hedges
We maintain and enhance the quality of trees in our parks, woodlands and streets around the borough. We encourage the management of privately owned trees and trees on development sites.
Information on who Basingstoke and Deane is twinned with and the parishes of Woodhay and Testbourne.
Types of licence
Information on different types of licences under Gabling Act 2005

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