What you can do to help

All of us living and working in Basingstoke and Deane have a responsibility for reducing pollution in the air in our borough.

To reduce your own contribution to pollution there are a number of things you can do.

Drive your car less


Vehicles are the main source of air pollution, so just cutting back on a few miles a week could add up to make a big difference.

  • By taking public transport to work just one day every week, you can reduce your pollution contribution by a massive 20%!
  • Try car sharing. Do you know a colleague that lives nearby? Share your commute with them a few days per week. Or join a car sharing club by visiting Hampshire County Council's website. When it comes to reducing air pollution, a mile shared is a mile halved!
  • Choose to walk short journeys instead of driving. Need to pick something up from local the local shop? Instead of taking the car, take a short walk. It’s better for your fitness and for the air in your community
  • Try cycling. New to riding a bike, or want to get some top tips. Take a look at our cycling page. You could also ask your employer if they have a Cycle2Work scheme.

Drive your car better

When you need to use your car, think about how you’re driving. Idling, which contributes to toxic emissions in the air we breathe, is when a vehicle’s engine is left running when stationary for a period of longer than 30 seconds.

  • Turn off your engine when stuck in traffic or waiting. If you think you’ll be stationary for more than two minutes it’s better to switch your engine off.
  • Drive more efficiently. By driving more efficiently and maximising your average MPG as much as possible, you’ll reduce your emissions and need to fill up less often! Check your tyre pressure and oil regularly.
  • You could even consider switching to an electric vehicle.
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