Allotment consultation

There are currently 1,083 allotment plots across 42 allotment sites in Basingstoke, but almost 500 people are currently on the waiting list.

The majority of these people can expect to wait for up to three to four years to be offered a plot, but some will have to wait even longer.

However, a new allotment site has been selected following consultation with residents and community groups in Basingstoke.

Following £225,000 being earmarked to fund new allotment sites in the borough, the council has investigated the potential for new allotments at five sites, chosen in areas where there is the greatest demand.

The options considered were pieces of land north of Carpenters Down in Popley; off Shakespeare Road in Popley; at Carpenters Down South in Popley; at Danebury Road/Chatsworth Green in Hatch Warren and in Beggarwood Park.

Following consultation with local residents, community groups, ward councillors, Basingstoke Allotment Area Representative Committee and Basingstoke Allotment and Leisure Gardeners Association, the only site the council will be pursuing is at Beggarwood Park. Please see the map below for more information on the Beggarwood Park site.

Consultation results

Potential site Letters sent Responses received Positive responses Negative responses
North of Carpenters Down in Popley 276 65 26 (40%) 39 (60%)
Shakespeare Road in Popley 253 60 18 (30%) 42 (70%)
Carpenters Down South in Popley 276 65 30 (46.2%) 35 (53.8%)
Danebury Road/Chatsworth Green in Hatch Warren 279 701* 47 (6.7%) 654 (93.3%)
Beggarwood Park** 256 72 43 (59.7%) 29 (40.3%)

* includes 314 names on a petition against allotments.

** of the responses received, 17 (23.61%) prefer option A; 52 (72.22%) prefer option B: 3 (4.17%) had no preference


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