Beggarwood Park Improvements

Update: 30 April 2021

Improvements to Beggarwood Park complete

Works to improve the facilities at Beggarwood Park are now complete. Following a public consultation, works have included a new extension to the toddler and junior play area, an upgrade to the bike track, which is now a surfaced pump track, timber wild zone, as well as better footpath links, new bins, seats, signage and picnic benches.

The improvements have been funded by £258,000 of developer contributions for play and open space enhancements.

Beggarwood Park - wild area
Beggarwood Park - wild area

Beggarwood Park play area
Beggarwood Park play area

Beggarwood Park pump track
Beggarwood Park pump track

Beggarwood Park consultation

In 2019 we carried out a consultation to get ideas for potential improvements in the park, with just over 200 people taking part.

The main points that were raised were:

  • A need for improved accessibility in relation to pathways and play.
  • Play – suggestions regarding the age range of play equipment, and requests for inclusive play equipment, fencing around the play area and improvements to the ball wall.
  • A need for additional information about the park – signs and information boards, LNR status and what it means, educational information.
  • More seating and bins needed.
  • BMX Track – need for upgrading and expanding.
  • Maze area – refurbishment, removal and replacement with something else.

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