CCTV - frequently asked questions

Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council operates 12 public space CCTV cameras in the Town Centre, which are located throughout the Top of the Town. The cameras are monitored at a local control room 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

How long is CCTV footage kept for?

All footage is recorded digitally and is kept for a period of 31 days to enable the Police to request a copy if an incident is reported to them. Footage will only be retained for longer than this if a copy has been requested in relation to an on-going investigation.

Can I have access to footage from an incident I was involved in or see footage you may have of me?

If a crime has occurred, it should be reported to the Police to investigate. They are able to access CCTV footage to assist with their enquiries.

Otherwise, you can make a Subject Access Request to see whether the council holds footage of you. This will be considered on a case by case basis and depends on the incident or type of footage held. You will need to provide sufficient information to enable the operators to identify you in any footage.

Where the request relates to an incident involving your vehicle, your insurance company should make the request and an administration fee will apply.

There is a camera near my property at the Top of the Town, can the people monitoring it see into my home?

No. Privacy screening technology is used to blur images where the cameras are near residential properties to prevent footage of the inside of people’s homes from being captured or seen by monitoring staff.

I have seen CCTV cameras in other locations as well as the Top of the Town area. Who is responsible for them?

There are other CCTV cameras in Basingstoke Town Centre, which are owned and monitored by either Festival Place or The Malls shopping centres. Please contact the relevant centre with any enquiries:

Festival Place:
Website: Festival Place website
Telephone: 01256 326022

The Malls:
Website: The Malls website
Telephone: 01256 468892

Basingstoke Leisure Park:
The Leisure Park has a network of cameras installed to assist with the security of the site and to support the businesses. These cameras are managed and monitored by the security team on site.

There are a number of cameras along some of the roads in Basingstoke. These cameras are owned by Hampshire County Council and are used to assist with traffic management. The cameras are monitored but do not record as they are in place to help keep traffic moving.

Any enquires need to be directed to Hampshire County Council Intelligent Traffic Systems.
Website: ROMANSE website
Telephone: 0845 603 5638

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