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Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council approved its Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) at a meeting of the Full Council on 22 March 2018 with implementation on 25 June 2018. Planning permissions which first permit development on a day when the charging schedule is in effect will be liable for the levy, this will usually be on the day planning permission is granted.

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We have an instalments policy for larger CIL amounts that are due which allows for phased payment.

PDF document CIL Instalments Policy(PDF) [2 Mb]

Charging rates that apply in Basingstoke and Deane

Location/type of residential development Change rate applicable 25 June 2018
(£ per square metre)
Charge rate applicable 2023 (3)
(£ per square metre)
Zone 1 – Hounsome Fields (Policy SS3.12)
and Manydown (Policy SS3.10)
0 0
Zone 2 – Basingstoke Golf Course; East of
Basingstoke; Upper Cufaude Farm
£80 £88.47
Zone 3 - Basingstoke and Tadley £140 £154.83
Zone 4 - Rest of the borough £200 £221.18
Care homes/extra care/sheltered housing 0 0
Single dwellings 0 0
Wholly flatted schemes (1) 0 0
All other forms of development (residential and
non-residential) (2)
0 0

(1) This rate applies where 100% of the dwellings on site are flats. This excludes flats which are part of the housing mix on a larger development site.

(2) This includes commercial and agricultural development as well as other forms of residential development not referred to elsewhere in the above Schedule, but excludes residential extensions over 100 square metres or more gross internal area which are chargeable unless any exemption is given.

(3) This rate applies to planning permissions granted in the identified year.

PDF document CIL forms and guidance(PDF) [557 kb]

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Community Infrastructure Levy

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