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CIL for Town and Parish Councils

A key element of the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) is that a proportion of the money secured for development is passed on to the relevant Town or Parish Council where that development has taken place, known as the Neighbourhood Fund. To assist Town and Parish Councillors in Basingstoke and Deane, a short guide to this has been prepared, which is available to download below. This outlines further information such as:

  • roles and responsibilities
  • what proportion of CIL will be passed on
  • how it can be spent
  • what reporting requirements are placed on Town and Parish Councils

These are based on the CIL Regulations 2010 (as amended). Separate arrangements are in place in those non-Parished parts of Basingstoke.

CIL payments have now been paid to a number of Town and Parish Councils in the Borough and, as per the CIL Regulations, there is a requirement to publish details of what has been received and spent by each. Information on those Town and Parish Councils who have responded can be viewed on our CIL Spending by Town and Parish Council webpage.

If you have any queries about CIL payments to Town and Parish Councils in Basingstoke and Deane, please email:

PDF document Community Infrastructure Levy - A guide for parish and town councils(PDF) [2 Mb]

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