Clean Air Basingstoke campaign

Our Clean Air Basingstoke campaign promotes the following messages:

  • Use public transport in Basingstoke and Deane where available - this reduces the number of private vehicles in operation reducing pollutant concentrations through the number of vehicles and reducing congestion.
  • Walk or cycle and use cycle parking if your journey allows. Choosing to walk or cycle for your journey the number of vehicles is reduced and also there is the added benefit of keeping fit and healthy.
  • Lift/car sharing where a number of individuals are making similar journeys, such as travelling to work or to school car sharing reduces the number of vehicles on the road and therefore the amount of emissions being released.
  • Alternative fuel run vehicles such as fully electric, hybrid fuel and more fuel efficient cars are available and all have different levels benefits by reducing the amount of emissions being released. For more information on electric car grants visit Low-emission vehicles eligible for a plug-in grant page.
  • If you are carrying out building works, consider future-proofing your home by installing an electric vehicle charge point. A fast (7kW) charger is recommended and there are grant schemes available to assist with the cost.
  • Turn off your engine where possible. Reducing the number of idling vehicles, for example when dropping children at school or waiting at level crossings, will help cut harmful emissions from vehicle exhausts.
  • Burn only authorised smokeless fuels.
  • Avoid lighting bonfires, but if necessary, don’t light them when pollution levels are high or while the weather is still and cold. Only burn dry material and never burn household waste, especially plastic, rubber, foam or paint. Levels of pollution can be quite high on bonfire night and other events/festivals with bonfires, and sensitive people, including people with respiratory conditions, may notice some effects.

woodsure READY TO BURN logo1

Wood-burning stoves are increasing in popularity, but burning wood produces a lot of air pollutants. To minimise your contribution to air pollution, buy a Defra approved stove, burn only well-seasoned wood. If buying wood for immediate use ensure that it displays the Woodsure Ready to Burn logo. Find out more information on domestic biomass.

Image of outline of buildings with different modes of transport and outdoor items. It includes the text of Clean Air Basingstoke and Deane

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