Air quality in the borough

The air quality is relatively good in the borough. In areas of poor air quality, local authorities are required by the government to declare Air Quality Management Areas. This area could be just one or two streets, or could be much bigger. Currently there are no such areas in Basingstoke and Deane. For more information about Air Quality Management Areas visit the Air Quality Management Areas page on the UK Air DEFRA website

We constantly monitor and assess the air quality within the borough. Levels of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) are measured using diffusion tubes at various locations across the borough. These locations change regularly, and currently includes Basingstoke Town Centre, Bramley, Chineham and Beggarwood (A30).

We use the results of this monitoring to carry out annual reviews and assessments against standards and objectives that are set out nationally. These standards have been put in place to protect people’s health and the environment.

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Find out what the air quality is like today by visiting the UK Air DEFRA website

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