Report a bin collection issue

If we've missed your bin, please report it using our missed bin collection form.

If you're unhappy with how our crews have collected your waste, recycling, glass or garden waste, please let us know.

You can report the following issues:

  • Your bin or container not being returned to its collection point.
  • Your bin or container blocking access.
  • Crews using your bin or container to carry others waste.
  • Rubbish or waste being left in the road.
  • Excess waste, recycling or garden waste not being taken.
  • Crews damaging your property.
  • Recycling being moved into your waste bin.
  • Crews throwing your containers around.

Contact us

  • Contact us online
  • 01256 844844
  • Civic Offices
    London Road
    RG21 4AH
  • Opening hours
    Monday to Friday
    8.30am to 4.30pm