Commenting on a planning application

The purpose of the planning system is to guide development and the use of land in the public interest and to ensure that development takes place in ways which will contribute to a quality environment and meet economic and social aspirations.

As part of the planning application process, organisations such as Highways, Environment Agency, Natural England, parish councils are consulted. You can view consultee comments on applications registered after 1 December 2015.

No comments raised by members of the public on applications registered before 2017 can be viewed online. You can view comments on applications received and registered from 2017. Please be aware that we cannot accept anonymous comments, however personal information such as signatures, phone numbers and personal email addresses will be redacted.

Our aim is to help you become involved in the application process.

Publicity for planning applications, linked with opportunities for public comment and consultation, are also important parts in our decision making process.

You can view and comment on planning applications submitted to us using the our public access system.

Please note in light of the ongoing situation with regards to the coronavirus (Covid-19), we are strongly advising that comments on planning applications should be submitted electronically where possible. Comments received in the post will still be processed, although there will unfortunately be a delay in processing comments received in this way.

Thank you for your cooperation.

What should you do if you are affected by a development proposal?

If you are concerned about a development proposal, you should try to speak to the person who is making the application to confirm the details of what they are proposing. You can view the planning application online.

If, after speaking to the applicant or inspecting the plans, you still have concerns or points you want to raise with us, you should write to or email the case officer. Representations should be sent to us as soon as possible and certainly before the consultation period expires. This is normally 21 days from the date of the notification letter or 21 days from the date the application was advertised in the local press.

You can make comments on a planning application online. Alternatively you can email your comments to or post them to Planning Development, Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council, Civic Offices, London Road, Basingstoke, RG21 4AH. Please clearly quote the planning reference number and the application site address.

Your comments

All correspondence received regarding planning applications will be held on the planning files and will be available for public inspection . Comments received on applications received and registered from 2017 onwards will be available to view online. Your comments received on applications registered before 2017 will not be published on our website, but, if provided, your postal address will appear under the List of Public Commentators .

For those comments received on applications received and registered from 2017 onwards all personal information such as signatures, phone numbers and personal email addresses will be redacted. Your postal address and name will appear under the List of Public Commentators and your full comments (including name and address) will be available to view online under the List of Related Documents.

In giving your views you should concentrate on relevant planning matters. It is important to remember that when we make a decision on an application, we can only consider those comments that are planning considerations (see below).

The main issue for us is whether the proposed development of the site is acceptable in planning terms and is in the public interest. Planning applications are judged against the policies in:

We have to consider the effect the proposal might have on others, and on other interests, such as the amenity of residents, the countryside, road safety, buildings or places of historic or architectural importance, and a wide variety of other matters relating to the environment.

To give you some guidance, about what a relevant planning consideration is, the following can be taken into account:

  • traffic generation, highway safety and parking
  • overshadowing, overlooking and loss of privacy
  • noise, disturbance or other loss of amenities
  • relevant planning policies
  • effect on trees
  • design, for example height/bulk/position of buildings, appearance, effect on surrounding area
  • inadequate landscaping/means of enclosure

These matters are not normally issues which can be taken into account:

  • loss of property value
  • issues of market competition
  • loss of a view
  • the applicant's motives, character or personal circumstances
  • matters covered by other legislation, including restrictive covenants on land
  • issues relating to land ownership/property boundaries, including the need to access land to undertake development
  • moral or religious issues
  • issues relating to the construction of a development
  • the reasons why a developer is making the application or their activities elsewhere
What happens when you comment on an application?

We will acknowledge your comments within five working days of receiving them. The acknowledgement will confirm that we will consider your comments as part of the decision making process. The timescales for the determination of a planning application can vary as the actual time taken is dependent on the complexity of the application and the material issues raised on a case by case basis.

If you have commented on an application we will tell you about our decision when it is made and provide reasons for that decision.

If the person who is making the application appeals against our decision to the Planning Inspectorate, your comments on the application, which are already publicly available, will also be forwarded for their consideration. Find out more information on planning appeals.

What happens when I comment on a planning application? (PDF) [102kb]

What if the application is amended before a decision is made?

Sometimes the person applying may amend the application while we are considering it. When the amendment is significant we notify neighbours and those that have commented on the application and/or advertise the amendment. Further details can be found on our Find out more information about our application process.

Amendments to approved planning applications

Certain minor amendments can be considered after the granting of planning permission. Find out more information about our application process.

Publicity for planning applications

If you are affected by a development proposal, you will have a chance to consider what is proposed, and how it will affect you. You also have the opportunity to make your views known to us before we make a decision on the application.

To help you, we will:

  • advertise applications for listed buildings, developments in conservation areas, major developments, developments that are subject to an environmental statement, developments that would affect a footpath or developments that would be considered to be a departure from the Development Plan in the local press
  • write to owner/occupiers who have buildings on land adjoining the application site boundary
  • make the application, plans and particulars available on the public register and available on the website for people to view
  • take account of all relevant representations we receive
  • give reasons for our decision to those who write to us about the proposal

Read the document publicity for planning applications for further information. (PDF) [41kb]

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