Parking controls in the borough

This page shows the controlled parking zones and restrictions currently in effect within the borough.

For full details of the traffic order refer to The Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council (Prohibition and Restriction of Waiting and Loading and Parking Places){Consolidation} Order 2018.

Controlled parking zones


Details of any individual restrictions are grouped together in numerous map tiles. Below, you will find various methods for identifying the map tiles that will be of interest to you.

When viewing an individual map tile, it will be presented to you as a PDF document. These documents can contain links along their edges – "Click for adjoining map" – which can be used to quickly navigate to adjoining map tiles. Please note that such links will only be presented where there is actually an adjoining map tile which contains restrictions.
Known limitation – Please note that not all web browsers will choose to respect links within PDF documents, so this functionality may not be available to you. If this is the case for your web browser, you will still see the "Click for adjoining map" text, but clicking/tapping on it will do nothing.

Find the tile references that are of interest to you by searching for a street name. Enter a street name in the box below and any matching streets will be listed. For each matched street a list of links to its tile references will be displayed.

Overview map

Scroll around the interactive map below and click/tap a red-bordered tile to view the restrictions for that area. You can click/tap (and drag) on the overview map to move the map below to the selected location. A full list of all the map tiles which contain restrictions is also available further down the page.


List of map tiles

Find the tile references that are of interest to you by viewing the borough map and/or the Basingstoke town map. Use the links below to view the individual documents for each tile reference.

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