COVID-19 - Bins and recycling

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Last updated: 5 February 2021 at 3pm

Important bin collection update

We are currently experiencing some waste collection staff self-isolating due to COVID-19. Because of the work we and our contractor Serco undertook towards the end of the last year to prepare for a second spike, we have two additional bubble crews in place to cover COVID-related absences. These crews will assist us in continuing to deliver all of our waste and recycling services during this challenging time. If numbers increase further we want to prepare residents for the possibility that they could face disruptions to services, such as a delay in collections.

As always our priority is to protect the safety of our key worker staff and the residents we serve alongside protecting the core waste, recycling and clinical waste services. We are working hard to ensure our bin crews are tested quickly to enable them to return to work if their results are negative. If we need to suspend non-essential services such as garden waste or bulky waste collections we will post this information via our website and social media in the first instance.

In the meantime we thank residents for their understanding and patience during this difficult period and ask them to help keep our crews and themselves safe by wiping down bin handles when putting out their bins and bringing them back in again.

Household (black/grey bin) waste

Will waste collections move to fortnightly again?

We, along with our waste and recycling contractor Serco, have reviewed staffing and are content a weekly service can be sustained as lockdown measures continue to relax. We will continue to do this in line with monitoring the situation with the pandemic to assess if we need to change frequency of collections again.

I was loaned an extra bin to use during fortnightly collections, what should I do with it?

From 24 August we will not be emptying bins that were provided for use during fortnightly collections. Once emptied during the week starting 17 August please do not refill. We will be writing to you to arrange the collection of your loan bin.

Why have you gone back to weekly collections when there is a climate emergency and people are recycling more?

We are aware that many of you are supportive of a fortnightly collection and made great efforts to reduce your waste and recycle more during this challenging period and we urge everyone to keep up this effort and only put out your waste bin when you need to. We always said this would be a temporary measure to protect the crews during the pandemic and to ensure we could sustain a reliable waste, recycling and clinical waste collection service during the crisis. Any long term changes would be subject to a full review and be part of a democratic decision making process.

Following fortnightly collections, my bin smells and there are maggots - what can I do?

When your bin is empty a household detergent can be used, with a soft broom to wash your bin. There are also local bin cleaning companies who provide a mobile service.

If you are concerned about maggots, please take a look at 'how to stop maggots in your rubbish bin'.

Flies are naturally attracted to rubbish, but there are a number of ways you can minimize the maggots finding their way into your bin.

  • Make sure your bin closes firmly – avoid overloading your grey waste bins, so that the lid does not shut properly.
  • Cover all food left out on your kitchen counter and use fly spray or fly papers in your home to keep it fly-free.
  • Rinse food packaging – including recyclable containers – before putting them into the bin.
  • Make sure food scraps are kept in a sealed container in the kitchen, or even the freezer, until they can be disposed of on your collection day.
  • Wrap disposable nappies, the contents of litter trays or other pet waste, and meat or fish scraps before putting them in the bin.
  • In hot weather, empty your kitchen bin more often and store the contents in a cool place.
I am a clinical waste customer, what will happen to my collection?

Clinical waste collections have not been affected during this time, please use the service as you normally would.

Does the bin crew wear PPE?

Serco has issued face masks or face coverings to all staff, which must be worn unless medically exempt, when travelling in vehicles containing more than one person. As per government guidance there is no requirement to wear a mask when working outside.

Recycling collections

Recycling collections are running normally.

If your bin has been missed, please complete a missed bin form.

Garden waste collections

Garden waste collections are running normally. If your bin/bag has been missed, please complete a missed bin form

Visit our garden waste webpage for further information on the service.

Healthcare waste

Collections running as normal.

Assisted collections

If you currently receive an assisted bin collection from us, we will continue to provide you with this service. Letters are being sent out to all customers who have assisted collections.

Bin deliveries

We are providing a normal service and taking orders for all waste and recycling containers.

Recycling bring sites

The bring sites are all open with the exception of Morrisons.

Many textile and clothing banks are currently closed. Please do not leave bags around these banks.

Household waste and recycling centre (the tip)

The HWRC at Wade Road in Basingstoke is managed by Hampshire County Council. Before visiting the tip, you need to make a booking on the county council's website.

For further information and to book an appointment to visit one of the county council's HWRCs, visit Hampshire County Council's website.

Bulky waste collections

We are providing a normal service and you can book a collection for bulky household items.

General waste and recycling FAQs

What shall I do with my rubbish if someone in my home has or suspects they have Coronavirus?

Guidance states: Personal waste (such as used tissues) and disposable cleaning cloths should be stored securely within disposable rubbish bags. These bags should be placed into another bag, tied securely and kept separate from other waste. This should be put aside for at least 72 hours before being put in your usual external household waste bin. Other household waste can be disposed of as normal.

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