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In addition to responding to issues around anti-social behaviour and environmental crime raised across the borough, the Community Safety Patrol team conduct a series of campaigns throughout the year to tackle on-going problems. The aim of the campaign programme is to raise awareness, identify areas for improvement and to work with partner organisations, businesses and residents to find sustainable long term solutions.

April to August 2017 - Litter 2017

The CSPO team set out to proactively deal with litter incidents across the borough by focusing on education and enforcement action. The team managed to provide verbal advice and education to 2160 people about littering and the consequences of committing such offence, such as receiving a £75 fixed penalty notice or up to a £2,500 fine and a criminal record if prosecuted.

Around 20,000 residents and businesses were exposed to the campaign and its messages through several media channels, school engagements, The Malls TV, and community groups.

Working with CCTV control rooms in the top areas identified for littering enabled the CSPO team to tackle the problem by robustly enforcing witnessed offences.

Given the high level of public engagement and positive progress, it has been agreed that the litter campaign will be extended further into the coming months with particular focus on the Town Centre and smoking related litter. Cigarette butts in particular make up a significant proportion of litter on the streets and the annual cost to the tax payer in Basingstoke for street cleansing is around £2million, so the team want to focus on tackling this issue.

July to September 2017 - Summer Anti-Social Behaviour

With longer evenings, nice weather and schools closed for the holidays, anti-social behaviour invariably increases across the borough. The CSPO team is taking a joint partnership and agency approach to consistently deal with anti-social behaviour as well as making residents aware of the correct channels to report it while keeping themselves safe.

Part of the Summer ASB campaign kicked off early in the multi-agency organised event Think Safe, whereby young people were educated on different types of anti-social behaviour, the impact and prevention, as well as the risks and consequences of being involved in such behaviour.

The CSPO team will be working closely with other partner agencies to ensure that any anti-social behaviour will be dealt with by using adequate enforcement action where necessary, during targeted patrols of areas identified by both current and historical trends.

Recent campaigns

January to March 2017 - Notice Your Neighbourhood

Through community surveys and contact from residents that there are a range of neighbourhood safety issues which affect residents’ quality of life and wellbeing.

The CSPO team will be actively patrolling the borough. They will be liaising with partner agencies and residents to identify areas of concern and refer these for improvement, in the form of repair, replacement or other appropriate action.

The aim of the campaign is to raise awareness and empower residents to report issues such as graffiti, fly tipping and abandoned vehicles which affect their community.

The CSPO team will be engaging with members of the public, community groups and local businesses to find sustainable long-term solutions to areas of concern. As well as having an impact on making areas of the Borough cleaner, Notice Your Neighbourhood campaign aims to result in a positive impact on residents’ satisfaction in the area they live.

Notice Your Neighbourhood leaflet

July to September 2016 - Summer anti-social behaviour

Following reports that some residents feel unsafe in their communities, especially during the summer holiday period, the CSPO team launched a new campaign to make young people more aware of antisocial behaviour. Throughout the summer, CSPOs teamed up with other agencies such as the police and fire service to offer information and guidance to residents in order to keep themselves safe and help others feel safe. During the campaign there were 2382 individuals educated through classroom talks, assemblies and informal talks. At the start of the campaign, 12 warning letters were issued to individuals at risk of becoming involved in antisocial behaviour. In total, 265 incidents were dealt with, 58 antisocial behaviour warnings were issued and a further 6 antisocial behaviour contracts initiated to improve individuals behaviour.

April to June 2016 - Fly-tipping

Alongside the council’s Operations team, the Community Safety Patrol team will be patrolling the borough this summer in a crackdown on fly-tipping. We believe that all people in the borough are entitled to live and work in a safe and clean environment. Therefore, we are keen to reduce the amount of fly-tipping to ensure that we have a clean and tidy town for all residents and visitors to enjoy. Residents will be reminded that it is illegal to dump unwanted items and offenders could face prosecution. Incidents of fly-tipping will be investigated to determine the source of the items and warnings or further prosecution will follow.

Fly-tipping leaflet

January to March 2016 – Supporting Residents and Communities

While making it clear that anti-social behaviour will not be tolerated, the council is also keen to ensure that support is directed to the people who need it the most and that help is provided to people to reduce the likelihood of them becoming victims of crime and anti-social behaviour. During the early part of 2016, the community safety patrol team will be focussing their efforts on supporting communities to help prevent crime and anti-social behaviour by strengthening the presence of schemes such as Neighbourhood Watch and ‘no cold calling zones’. During the campaign there were 246 home visits to residents made, where advice and information packs on the prevention of doorstep crime were provided. Presentations were also delivered to community groups to reinforce this message, raise awareness, and encourage confidence in reporting. 31 incidents involving vulnerable people were dealt with by the CSPO team, the impact of the campaign resulted in 2 ‘No Cold Calling Zones’ set up to reduce the risk of bogus calls and rogue traders across 39 properties.

Information directed towards 113 local businesses and community associations have established connections with key agencies and community groups that actively work with vulnerable people.

December 2015 - Safer Shops Scheme – South Ham

In December 2015, the Safer Shops Scheme launched at the Burnaby Close parade in a bid to make the area a safe and pleasant place to work and visit. The team worked closely with residents and shop owners in South Ham to rid the area of on-going antisocial behaviour and problems with litter.

The campaign had a very positive impact on Burnaby Close shopping parade and local residents, with 84% of those surveyed claiming that there had been a decrease in antisocial behaviour since the launch of the scheme and 88% said they feel safer. In addition, the proactive approach held by the team against littering, along with the pruning and maintenance of bushes around the area meant 96% of those surveyed agreed the area is cleaner and tidier since the launch of the scheme.

July to September 2015 – Anti-Social Behaviour and Littering in Parks and Open Spaces

In previous years, residents have raised concerns about unacceptable behaviour, which limits their enjoyment of the space throughout the summer. The aims of the campaign are:

  • Proactively deal with incidents of anti-social behaviour and promote positive use of parks;
  • Identify areas where improvements could be made;
  • Gather views of park and open space users about what they would like to see in the future to reduce anti-social behaviour and encourage greater usage.

During the campaign there were 224 targeted patrols in 31 of the boroughs' parks and open spaces. 44 incidents were dealt with, of which 87% received further enforcement action. As a result of the campaign reassurance was given to all the park users and several parks have now been identified for environmental improvements. Closer contacts have also been established between partners and community groups to empower park users and residents to report issues affecting them, and lead to further community-led improvements.

October to December 2015 – Dog Fouling

Dog fouling poster - webAlthough the majority of dog owners are responsible, the council continues to receive numerous complaints throughout the year about people not cleaning up after their dogs. This is not only unsightly and unpleasant; it can also pose a health hazard so is something the council is keen to address in response to feedback from the public. During the three month period, 107 high visibility patrols were conducted in hot spot locations at key times and over 300 people were spoken to about the impact of dog fouling, the penalties that can be issued as well as responsible dog ownership. A range of posters and leaflets were produced to provide further information and warn people about the potential consequences of failing to comply with their responsibilities. Two Fixed Penalty Notices (FPNs) and one Antisocial Behaviour warning notice were issued and there was also a total of 509 dog fouls identified, sprayed and removed. As a result of the campaign, dog owners are better informed about their responsibilities and improvements have been seen in the identified 'hot spot locations'

No dog fouling leaflet (PDF 485kb)

February to March 2015 – Basingstoke Leisure Park

Littering and anti-social behaviour has long been recognised as an issue for businesses and visitors as well as local residents to the leisure park. At the beginning of 2015, the officers were keen to kick off their series of campaigns with targeted work to tackle these issues. The campaign was advertised in the press and social media with a key message being that littering in the park would not be tolerated. The team worked closely with local businesses and the security team to identify offenders and issue fixed penalty notices to anyone seen dropping litter. Since the campaign, officers have continued to work with local businesses to continue this approach and look at how problems can be prevented in the future.

April to June 2015 – Smoking Related Litter – ‘No ifs, no butts’

No ifs no buttsThe most recent residents' survey identified clean, litter free streets as a top priority. As smoking related litter, particularly cigarette butts make up a significant proportion of litter on the streets and the annual cost to the tax payer in Basingstoke for street cleansing is around £2 million, the team wanted to focus efforts on tackling this issue. The town centre was identified as one of the areas of greatest need as the amount of smoking related litter is highest in that area due to the high footfall. During the three month period, all town centre businesses were contacted, at least 331 people were spoken to about the campaign and the impact of smoking related litter and 73 fixed penalty notices were issued to people seen dropping cigarette butts. As a result of the campaign, the provision for smokers to dispose of cigarette butts in the town is currently being reviewed

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