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In addition to responding to issues around antisocial behaviour and environmental crime raised across the borough, the Community Safety Patrol Team conduct a series of campaigns throughout the year to tackle ongoing problems. The aim of the campaign programme is to raise awareness, identify areas for improvement and to work with partner organisations, businesses and residents to find sustainable long term solutions.

Dog Fouling Campaign - October to December 2018

We get many complaints from residents about dog fouling. It affects all communities across the borough and has been highlighted as a particular concern in four Community Plans, including Buckskin, South Ham, Kempshott, Winklebury and also the Lime Pitts/Crabtree Management Plan.

In order to tackle this issue and to reassure residents that dog fouling is not tolerated, the Community Safety Patrol Officers (CSPOs) carried out a three month campaign. The campaign covered the whole area of the borough, but five areas were targeted. These were:

  1. Stratton Park (in the Buckskin, South Ham and Kempshott Community Plans)
  2. Winklebury (Community Plan)
  3. Lime Pits/Crabtree Woods (Management Plan)
  4. Beggarwood Park (where Dog Fouling has been repeatedly reported)
  5. Oakley (where Dog Fouling has been repeatedly reported)

The aims of the campaign were:

  • To raise awareness of the dog fouling issue.
  • To empower local residents to take ownership in reducing the problem within their local communities.
  • For CSPOs to help residents by providing high-visibility patrols in the five targeted areas, particularly at times of the day when dog walking is prevalent, such as early mornings, and in places where dog walking is popular, such as parks and open spaces.

Everyone seen walking a dog in the five targeted areas was informed about the campaign and given a leaflet stating that it is an offence not to pick up their dog’s faeces and anyone failing to do so can be issued with a £50 Fixed Penalty Notice. The leaflet also told them how to report offenders and gives examples of responsible dog ownership.

We also promoted the following during the campaign:

  • responsible dog ownership
  • keeping microchip details up to date
  • the new Public Space Protection Orders, which carry higher fines and obligations to follow orders to keep dogs under control.

An audit of bins was also carried out to ensure that there are enough available and that they are placed in locations suitable for dog walkers to deposit their bagged up dog faeces. New dog fouling stickers and posters were put up and officers also sprayed and reported for clean up any dog faeces found while carrying out their patrols.

Councillors and teams across the council worked closely to ensure the campaign was a success. Local vets, parish and town councils, and local dog walking companies were all contacted to spread the message and the campaign was promoted on Facebook, Twitter and the website, as well as in the press.

Some notable achievements of the campaign include:

  • 83 targeted patrols in the five areas
  • 69 hours spent patrolling the targeted areas
  • 223 people spoken to directly
  • 140 leaflets handed out
  • 119 dog fouls sprayed, reported and removed
  • a number of intelligence reports about dog fouling offenders were also received.

Communities of Basingstoke and Deane highlighted the issue of dog fouling in their plans and reports and the CSPOs acted robustly and thoroughly to tackle the problem. In order to build on the work of the campaign and encourage local communities to be involved in tackling dog fouling, CSPOs will continue to support the work of community groups in addressing the issue.

Previous campaigns

Notice Your Neighbourhood 2018

The Notice Your Neighbourhood campaign has been running for the last couple of years and aims to encourage residents to notice and report issues in their local community that have an impact on how the area looks and feels. As well as having an impact on making areas of the Borough cleaner, Notice Your Neighbourhood campaign aims to have a positive impact on residents’ satisfaction in the area they live.

During the most recent campaign, the CSPO team worked closely with the Community Investment team and focused their efforts on responding to actions raised by residents in community led plans and surveys. Goals were achieved by referring issues for improvement in the form of repair, replacement or other appropriate action. The CSPOs also actively engaged with members of the public, community groups and local businesses to raise awareness and empower residents to report issues affecting their community.

Several community events were attended by the CSPOs where they were able to directly deliver the message to approximately 200 people. The online presence of Notice Your Neighbourhood managed to reach just under 7000 people.

July to September 2018 - Summer antisocial behaviour

Due to influencing factors such as lighter evenings, school holidays and better weather antisocial behaviour invariably increases across the borough. The summer antisocial behaviour campaign aimed to highlight and raise awareness of antisocial behaviour and its consequences as well as increase awareness of how to report antisocial behaviour issues.

Additionally, working alongside partners, patrols by the CSPO team were increased in areas most affected by antisocial behaviour, based on current and historical trends. This was with the intention of reducing antisocial behaviour and helping to ensure the feeling of safety within local communities.

Much of the campaign period focussed on educating young people through schools and Think Safe events whereby young people were educated on different types of antisocial behaviour, their impact and prevention, as well as the risks and consequences of being involved in such behaviour. The local press also picked up on the campaign reaching out to the local community.

The CSPO team also worked in close partnership with Safer North Hampshire to deal with incidents of antisocial behaviour in the Town Centre area, using relevant enforcement powers to best deal with issues. Evidence of antisocial behaviour was collated and as a result of this, 8 Community Protection Warning Notices and 1 full Community Protection Notice were issued to those engaging in antisocial behaviour. During this period the CSPO team dealt with 442 Incidents, issued 8 fixed penalty notices and 16 warning notices for antisocial behaviour across the borough.

April to March 2018 - Town Centre improvements

Through feedback from residents, businesses and visitors to the top of the town, through collaborative work with our partners, and from the CSPO teams’ own patrols, the top of the town was highlighted as an area where improvements could be made to help ensure the area is a safe and welcoming place for residents, businesses and visitors.

Throughout the course of the three month campaign, several focus areas were looked at. These included:

  • Contributing to the renewing of signage in the top of the town, to ensure a consistent theme and approach throughout the area.
  • Producing a local guide for businesses of who they could report specific issues to, with the aim of improving consistency of reports and so that issues are reported to the correct agency, so they can be resolved more efficiently.
  • Developing ideas for reducing the amount of personal belongings left on the streets.
  • Working with businesses, the local community and partners to Implement a Safer Shops area to those places most affected by antisocial behaviour issues.
  • Carry out targeted patrols of the areas most affected by antisocial behaviour and taking a robust approach to deal with issues witnessed.

It was recognised that the scope of the work involved would inevitably take longer to implement than time allocated for during the campaign period, particularly as many of the actions would need a partnership approach with various agencies and consultation with the local community. As a result, the campaign period was used to initiate work on the longer term actions.

As a result of the campaign, key developments have been made around the key focus areas. The guide for businesses has recently been published and has received positive feedback from businesses. Consultation work around the proposed Safer Shops scheme areas has been completed with support from local businesses. An audit of Town Centre signage has been carried out and feedback for improvements provided. Consultation and research has been carried out on proposed locations for a storage facility for personal possessions of those rough sleeping, with the CSPO team supporting the assertive outreach team in its implementation. Daily patrols were carried out to provide reassurance, deter and prevent antisocial behaviour activity taking place in the town centre with numerous incidents dealt with.

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