Dispensations to park

Medical practitioners, social workers and carers

Carers, medical practitioners, social workers and other people visiting clients living in restricted parking areas, can apply for a medical/carers conditional dispensation to park.

A dispensation to park permits you to park in restricted on-street areas, such as residents' only parking bays or on yellow lines, while carrying out professional visits to clients in their own homes. The dispensations are free of charge to qualifying applicants. They are issued for a specific name and vehicle, and are valid for a maximum of one year.

The dispensation cannot be used when public parking facilities are available within a reasonable distance of your client’s home. You also won't be exempt from paying charges in the Borough council's pay and display car parks. The dispensation should only be used when making professional visits to clients in their own homes.

From 1 April 2023 new permits will be issued by Hampshire County Council. For details please go to the HCC Highways website at:

Parking permit | Hampshire County Council (hants.gov.uk)

The Borough Council will not be able to issue or renew any on-street permits or provide further advice or assistance in obtaining permits.

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