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Hampshire County Council election - 4 May 2017

County electoral division : Basingstoke Central

Electorate: 13,658 | Turnout 28.90% | Spoiled votes: 14

Candidate Party Votes Elected
JONES Doris Liberal Democrat 424  
PINTO Matthew Joseph Green Party 246  
SIMMONDS Brian Robert Conservative Party Candidate 1,330  
WESTBROOK Michael John Labour Party 1,933 Elected

County electoral division : Basingstoke North

Electorate: 12,825 | Turnout: 24.03% | Spoiled votes: 4

Candidate Party Votes Elected
FRANKUM Jane Kathleen Labour Party 1,802 Elected
MILLER Paul Edward Conservative Party Candidate 807  
ROGERS Zoe-Marie Liberal Democrat 247  
STONE Duncan Philip UK Independence Party (UKIP) 222  

County electoral division : Basingstoke North West

Electorate: 1,595 | Turnout: 28.11% | Spoiled votes: 10

Candidate Party Votes Elected
DAY Stephan Richard Liberal Democrat 266  
HEATH Philip Andrew UK Independence Party (UKIP) 229  
JONES Antony Robert Labour Party 1,439  
TAYLOR Robert David Conservative Party Candidate 1,596 Elected

County electoral division : Basingstoke South East

Electorate: 15,098 | Turnout 29.83% | Spoiled votes: 9

Candidate Party Votes Elected
CLEARY Spencer John UK Independence Party (UKIP)
JAMES Gavin Liberal Democrat 1,862 Elected
MCCORMICK Andrew David Labour Party 943  
REID Terri Elizabeth Conservative Party Candidate 1,347  

County electoral division : Basingstoke South West

Electorate: 15,258 | Turnout: 33.24% | Spoiled votes: 8

Candidate Party Votes Elected
EDNEY Ian Peter Labour Party 862  
READER Carl William Liberal Democrat 665  
REID Stephen Henry Conservative Party Candidate 3,200 Elected
WHITE David John UK Independence Party (UKIP) 337  

County electoral division : Calleva

Electorate: 10,273 | Turnout: 39.68% | Spoiled votes: 42

Candidate Party Votes Elected
KELLY Paul Anthony UK Independence Party (UKIP) 232  
ROTHMAN Stephen David Labour Party 733  
VAUGHAN Rhydian Peter Conservative Party Candidate 3,069 Elected

County electoral division : Candovers, Oakley and Overton

Electorate: 11,694 | Turnout: 41.14% | Spoiled votes: 5

Candidate Party Votes Elected
JEFFERY Helen Alice Labour Party 336  
MCNAIR SCOTT Anna Margaret Conservative Party Candidate 2,623 Elected
SIMPSON Alan Stretton UK Independence Party (UKIP) 197  
SLOANE WILLIAMS Lucy Liberal Democrats 767  
TILBURY Ian Keith Independent 883  

County electoral division : Loddon

Electorate: 14,511 | Turnout: 32.40% | Spoiled votes: 11

Candidate Party Votes Elected
BRIAN Mary Margaret Labour Party 484  
LILLEKER Richard Mark Liberal Democrat 665  
PERKINS Sue UK Independence Party (UKIP) 232  
STILL Elaine Frances Conservative Party Candidate 3,310 Elected

County electoral division : Tadley and Baughurst

Electorate: 12,634 | Turnout: 33.50% | Spoiled votes: 7

Candidate Party Votes Elected
FODEN David Liston Labour Party 246  
LOVEGROVE Warwick Godfrey Liberal Democrat 1,833  
MELLOR Derek Preston Conservative Party Candidate 1,977 Elected
MOCKFORD Anne Marie Green Party 169  

County electoral division : Whitchurch and The Cleres

Electorate 13,147 | Turnout: 37% | Spoiled votes: 12

Candidate Party Votes Elected
RODWAY John Bernal Labour Party 461  
SMITH Andrew Neville Green Party 289  
STEPNEY Linda Rosemary Liberal Democrat 1,128  
THACKER Tom Waud Conservative Party Candidate 3,012 Elected

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