Home composting

Home composting is a great way to generate soil improver for your garden. Every year, Basingstoke and Deane residents throw away over 8,000 tonnes of food. However, fruit and vegetable peelings can be composted at home.

Composting at home cuts CO2 emissions and turns most kitchen and garden waste into a free supply of compost that will keep your garden blooming year after year.

If you live in Hampshire, you can buy a reasonably priced home compost bin from £25 plus delivery. Otherwise, compost bins are generally sold in DIY or gardening stores. You might even be able to pick one up secondhand.

Visit the Get Composting website to order your compost bin or take a look at the range of other products available to help reduce your waste.

Get advice on how to get started with home composting.

Making your own compost heap

You can make a temporary compost heap using chicken wire, scrap wood/pallets or by simply finding a corner of your garden. Now is the perfect time of year to get it started. Google 'compost heap using wood' or whatever materials you have and lots of ideas will come up.

Composting food waste

If you are particularly interested in composting only food waste this can also be done at home using a hot composter.

Please visit Home - Great Green Systems for more information.

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