Housing and Homelessness Strategy 2020 to 2024 consultation

The survey has now closed.

We are now reviewing all comments received.

Overview of Housing and Homelessness Strategy

Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council’s Housing and Homelessness Strategy sets out our main priorities and actions to meet affordable housing needs in the borough. Part of this includes a plan to prevent homelessness (a Homelessness Strategy), which we have to do by law.

Our current Housing and Homelessness Strategy was last reviewed in 2016 and runs until 2020. We therefore want to review our strategy and need your input to do this.

We propose to focus the new Housing and Homelessness Strategy 2020 to 2024 on the following five priorities:

  • Preventing homelessness
  • Eradicating rough sleeping by 2024
  • Housing choice and quality
  • Tackling climate change and future proofing housing
  • Place shaping (area and environment)

We have based these priorities on a range of evidence and feedback and would like to hear your views on them, and any other comments you may have on meeting housing need in the borough.

For organisations and groups, we also want to know how these priorities fit in with those of your own organisation, and how we can work together to achieve better outcomes.

Your feedback will shape the final proposals for the strategy and decision-making at a Cabinet and Full Council in early 2020.

The table below provides more information on the five priorities:

What Why How
Preventing homelessness The council has primary legal responsibility for preventing homelessness, which has been extended and enhanced under the new Homeless Reduction Act 2017. Build on the success of our approach to homelessness prevention over the past four years to help ensure the most vulnerable in the community receive the services and support that they need.

Progress effective partnership working in order to optimise working relationships and access to support and resources from partners and government to help deliver the prevention programme.
Eradicating rough sleeping by 2024 Rough sleeping is a distinct, complex and harmful type of homelessness and affects the most vulnerable in our community. Embed and develop the progressive work of the Social Inclusion Partnership (SIP) to ensure rough sleeping in the borough is eradicated by reviewing and refreshing the Rough Sleeping Plan in response to changing needs and pressures.

Through the SIP, optimise working relationships and access to support and resources from local community, partners and government to help deliver the rough sleeping plan.
Housing choice and quality All residents of the borough who have housing needs have choices from a wide range of quality products throughout key stages of their lives. Deliver nominations for all rented social housing vacancies to local households in need through a single point of access choice based lettings scheme.

Through proactive enabling, maximising the number of additional affordable homes for rent and affordable home ownership (in line with the current and future Local Plan targets) and optimising delivery to ensure it meets local needs.

Research what local people seeking affordable home ownership can afford to buy; forecast how many people will be seeking this accommodation over the medium to long term; use research findings inform the Local Plan Review process.

Deliver the new Own Home Loan and continue Help to Buy initiatives.

Manage our private rented sector enforcement and regulatory powers so the private rented sector is maintained to a decent standard; relevant Houses in Multiple Occupation are licensed; and reduce the number of empty homes where possible.

Support residents to live in their homes for as long as they wish and allowing for appropriate adjustments to be made if they become disabled or suffer from a long term illness.
Tackling climate change and future proofing housing There is a climate emergency and how new housing is designed and existing housing adapted, along with changing people’s behaviours, is core to tackling this issue. Work with local housing associations to ensure that recently adopted council policy on tackling the Climate Emergency are addressed through reviewing how carbon emissions can be reduced from existing housing stock as well as newly developed stock.

Influence emerging Local Plan policies, in respect of energy efficient and sustainable housing.
Place shaping (area and environment) People’s perception of their homes and feelings of well-being are largely influenced by the place in which they live. Develop area based ‘place shaping’ frameworks for priority areas that will: empower communities to shape their future area and environment; create places where people want to live and channel investment where it is most needed.

Work with key delivery partners to help ensure their contribution is maximised to proactively support the Place Shaping agenda. This will also be a platform for housing associations to promote positive asset management strategies and their approach to community investment.

Ensure the delivery of Manydown generates added place shaping value for the borough, but particularly Buckskin and Winklebury areas.

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