Information about my new bill

You have now received your 2018/19 financial year’s council tax bill. This information was correct as at 23 February 2018 and the bills are dated 12 March 2018. If you have contacted the Council Tax team to make any changes since 23 February, then please note that an updated bill dated after 12 March 2018 will be issued. Please discard the 12 March bill.

You have the choice of paying your council tax on 5, 13, 20 or 28 of each month. You can choose to pay over 10 or 12 months but your final instalment must be made by March 2019.

To request a change, please complete our online form.

Why has council tax increased?

Council tax has increased to protect and maintain public services when councils are facing cuts in government funding. The Government recognises the increasing financial pressures that councils are under and therefore allows councils to increase council tax by certain thresholds in its calculation of Local Government formula grant funding.

How is my council tax spent?

To find out how your council tax is spent, please take a look at our guide to council tax 2018/19.

What other increases have affected my bill?

You can find out more information on the parish precept by:

What is Adult Social Care and how is it calculated?

Adult Social Care is one of the main services provided by Hampshire County Council. Councils are facing cost pressures in providing adult social care services due to increasing numbers of people requiring care, the rising cost of providing care and cuts to government grants which were used to fund social care. To help fund these pressures, the Government expects councils to have an adult social care precept.

This precept is split into two on your bill (Hampshire County Council and Hampshire County Council Adult Social Care) Information regarding this can be found on the Hampshire County Council’s website:

How is it calculated on your council tax bill? The calculation consists of:

  • 3% of 2017/18 Hampshire County Council + Hampshire County Council Adult Social Care total
  • PLUS last year’s (2017/18) actual Adult Social Care total.

For a Band D property the actual calculation is:

  • Total from 2017/18 for Hampshire County Council + Hampshire County Council Adult Social Care
    = £1079.98 + £53.12 = £1133.10 (these figures are on your 2017/18 bill)
  • 3% of £1133.10 = £33.99
  • PLUS 2017/18 Adult Social Care = £53.12 (this figure is on your 2017/18 bill)

Total 2018/19 Adult Social Care precept = £87.11 (shown on your 2018/19 bill)

What is General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)?

On Friday 25 May the GDPR will come into force, it replaces the current Data Protection Act and gives you more control over your data.. To learn more please visit our webpage on GDPR

My circumstances have changed, how do I apply for a reduction?

Find out what reductions are available and how to apply by visiting our webpages on council tax reductions.

I have changed address, how do I notify you?

Please complete our moving home online form to tell us your new details.

How do I sign up for e-billing or text alerts?

You can sign up by completing our online e-billing form.

I am having difficulty paying for my council, what can I do?

Please take a look at our problems paying webpage for further information and contact us as soon as possible.

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