Lyford Road open space improvements

The council is developing proposals to upgrade the pedestrian link between the South View area and Basingstoke Railway Station and enhance the surrounding open space areas including the scrub land next to the allotments.

The aims of the project are to provide safer walking routes whilst creating a more open site that can be used for informal recreation as well as improving wildlife habitats. The proposals are shown on the plan below.

Lyford Road POS - Proposed Site Layout
Lyford Road POS - Proposed Site Layout (opens in new window)

Consultation results

The consultation phase has now ended. We have reviewed the responses received and have taken into consideration all comments made.

We have summarised comments made together with actions to be undertaken if appropriate.

Requests for additional seats, picnic tables, bins

We will consider adding these as the scheme develops and as funding allows.

Support for upgrading existing paths but why not extend path network further such as connecting to Lyford Road parking area and around the green space perimeter

No current plan to include any extra paths in the initial scheme but these can be explored in future depending on funding and further consultation (such as along with any future play area improvements).

Inclusion of street lighting

Unfortunately it is not feasible to light the gravel path route, however an alternative lit route to the station does exist along the adopted highway path from Soper Grove.

Concerns that the initial site clearance was invasive to wildlife, was expert advice used

The clearance and ongoing works are being carried out with full involvement of the council’s specialist tree and biodiversity officers.

Various suggestions for planting, such as old fruit varieties, as well as additional planting along border with private land

Additional fencing and planting has been installed to prioritise protection of the north-west boundary, other fruit tree and native planting will follow as the site is developed with habitat enhancement a priority; suggestions from the community are very welcome and will be incorporated where feasible.

Improvements welcomed, but will site be managed regularly in future to maintain accessibility

Ongoing maintenance of the site will be an important element of the scheme, balancing wildlife habitat enhancement with the need for security and natural surveillance to deter anti-social behaviour.

Interpretation a good idea but would QR code on posts be better option than boards which could be vandalised

We will investigate this option and appreciate the helpful suggestion.

Will the play area be upgraded

A programme of future play area refurbishment is currently being prepared by the council and residents will be updated on any future proposals.

Work to ensure that the land is free from contamination and to secure boundaries with neighbouring landowners has now been carried out. Work to upgrade the existing footpath, construct new paths and install new seating is scheduled to take place during October and November with new direction signage and selective tree planting to follow by the end of the year.

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