Myth busters

Image with the text 'Don't be idle, be a clean air idol

Image with the myth 'Idling is good for your engine' and Busted text of 'Idling can actually damage your vehicle and can lead to fuel residue build-up

Image with the myth 'Starting and stopping my engine is more harmful that just letting it run' with the Busted text of 'Actually, turning off an engine and then restarting after a minute will cause less pollution'.

Image of the myth 'Idling doesnt waste much fuel' with the Busted text 'Idling wastes a significant amount of fuel - an hour can waste half a gallon or more!'.

Image of the myth 'Letting a car idle on a cold day is a good way to warm it up' with the Busted text 'The best way to warm up a vehicle is to drive it'.

Image of the myth 'If it is cold outside I need to keep my engine running for it to stay warm' with the Busted text 'Your engine will stay warm for up to an hour after switching it off'.

Image of the myth 'I'll be exposed to less air pollution if I stay in my car, rather than cycling or walking' with the Busted text 'Those who travel by car can experience five times higher pollution levels than those who cycle and walk'

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