On street permit schemes

Check to ensure that your road qualifies as part of a residents' parking scheme. An alphabetic list of qualifying road names and the scheme that road is in is listed below.

If you would like to apply for a resident or visitor permit, please call our Customer Service Centre on 01256 844844 between 8.30am and 4.30pm, Monday to Friday and have your current council tax reference number and a valid debit/credit card to hand.

Certain permits can now be renewed online by visiting our parking permit renewals page. If you are eligible to renew your permit online your renewal invite letter will explain how to do this.

Name of road Scheme name Renewal date
Beaconsfield Road Fairfields 31 March
Blackwater Close Eastrop 31 October
Bounty Rise - visitor permit only Fairfields 31 March
Bounty Road Fairfields 31 March
Bourne Court Eastrop 31 March
Bowyer Close Penrith 31 October
Bramblys Close Penrith 31 October
Bramblys Drive Penrith 31 October
Budds Close Penrith 31 October
Burgess Road Sherborne 31 March
Chequers Road Chequers Road 31 March
Chester Place Penrith 31 October
Church Square Church Square 31 March
Cliddesden Road (north of A30 Ringway South) Fairfields 31 March
Coronation Road Northern 31 March
Cromwell Road Sherborne 31 March
Darlington Road Sherborne 31 March
Devonshire Place Penrith 31 October
Doswell Way Northern 31 March
Elbow Corner Church Square 31 March
Essex Road Rayleigh 31 March
Fabian Close Penrith 31 October
Fairfields Road Fairfields 31 March
Fencott Place Northern 31 March
Flaxfield Road - resident permit only Central 31 March
Frances Road Fairfields 31 March
Frome Close Eastrop 31 March
1 Greyhound Lane Overton 31 October
Hackwood Road Hackwood Road 31 March
Hadleigh Place - resident permit only Central 31 March
Hamelyn Close Penrith 31 October
Hamelyn Road Penrith 31 October
Jubilee Road Fairfields 31 March
Kingsclere Road Kingsclere Road 31 March
Lea Close Eastrop 31 March
Longcroft Close Penrith 31 October
Longmoor Road Penrith 31 October
Lyford Road Northern 31 March
Lyn Court Eastrop 31 March
Merton Road Sherborne 31 March
Mortimer Lane - resident permit only Central 31 March
Neath Road Eastrop 31 March
New Road (west between Seal Road and London Street junctions and east between Chequers Road and London Road junctions) Chequers Road 31 March
Norden Close Northern 31 March
Norn Hill Northern 31 March
Norn Hill Close Northern 31 March
Penrith Road Penrith 31 October
Phoenix Park Terrace Sherborne 31 March
Queen Mary Avenue Northern 31 March
Rayleigh Road Rayleigh 31 March
Richmond Road Sherborne 31 March
Rochford Road Rayleigh 31 March
Sarum Hill (odd nos 39-53, even nos 72-80) Penrith 31 October
Seal Road (no 1a only) Chequers Road 31 March
Sherborne Road (nos 1,2 and 3 only) Kingsclere Road 31 March
Sherborne Road (except nos 1,2 and 3) Sherborne 31 March
Shooters Way Northern 31 March
Solbys Road Rayleigh 31 March
Soper Grove Northern 31 March
Southend Road Rayleigh 31 March
Southern Road Fairfields 31 March
Sprents Lane (nos. 1-11 and 1-6 Elm Piece House) Overton 31 October
Stukeley Road Penrith 31 October
Victoria Street Fairfields 31 March
Vyne Road Sherborne 31 March
Wallis Road Fairfields 31 March
Weysprings Close Eastrop 31 March
Whitchurch (Bere Hill nos 1-36, Bere Hill Close, Evingar Road, Fairfield) Whitchurch 31 March
Whitchurch (Station Road even nos 2-34 and odd nos 3-17) Whitchurch 31 March
Winchcombe Road Penrith 31 October
Winchester Road (odd nos.49-83) Penrith 31 October
Winchester Road (even nos.22-88 excluding no. 24) Fairfields 31 March
Winchester Street (residential properties only between nos. 1-89) Overton 31 October
Worting Road (even nos. 4-58, odd nos. 5-9) Rayleigh 31 March
Worting Road (odd nos. 51-105) Worting Road 31 March

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