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Our new machines give you more choice about how you pay for parking, with the option of a ‘check-in, check-out’ system, allowing you to pay only for the time you park.

You can choose this system or continue to use the traditional Pay and Display. You can pay with cash or card, all machines take contactless payments.

You’ll need to enter your vehicle registration number at the new machines. If you want to pay using the ‘check-in, check-out’ system you’ll be able to register your payment card by simply presenting your credit or debit card at a card reader, like a contactless payment.

When you leave the car park, you’ll need to show your payment card again and you’ll only be charged for the time you’ve been parked.

You'll still have the option to pay for parking using the popular Parkmobile app. You can download the app, register on arrival in the car park and de-register when you leave. You'll then be charged the relevant amount.

The new system is available in the following car parks:

  • Brinkletts
  • Castons
  • Churchill Way
  • Churchill Way East
  • Sarum Hill
  • Southern Road
  • Vyne Meadow
  • Albert Yard
  • Castons Yard
  • Central
  • Feathers Yard
  • Jacobs Yard
  • Joices Yard
  • Eastlands
  • Parklands.

The new machines are part of a three-year project to improve the town centre car parks, including lighting, more shelters and resurfacing work to give customers a better parking experience in the town.

If you'd like to know more about the new system, please read through our FAQs below:

How will the changes affect me?

The replacement car parking machines will mean users have more options than ever before.

  • You will still have the option to use coins for Pay and Display and will now have the option to use card and mobile phone payment.

  • You will have the option to ‘check-in, check-out’ of the car parks using a debit/ credit card. You will pay on departure for the period of time you have parked, rather than having to predict how long you will be staying when you arrive.

  • Regular all-day users of the long stay car parks will still have the option to use the Park Card reader although the card itself will need to be changed for use in the new machines. Users will be contacted directly about this change.
What will I need?

You’ll need a way to pay. Whether that’s card, coin or your Park Card is up to you. You’ll also need to remember your registration – if you struggle to remember your registration, you could write it down or take a picture to store on your smart phone.

How will the new system work in practice?
  • Pay and Display: Under the new system, you must first enter your vehicle registration at the parking machine. If you wish to pay with cash or card you will use a traditional Pay and Display system, selecting a time period at the start of your stay, paying at the machine and displaying the ticket in your car.

  • Check-in, check-out: Under the new system, on arrival at the car park you will enter your vehicle registration at the parking machine and will pre-register your debit or credit card, which can be done simply by ‘waving’ your contactless card over the card reader or by inserting the payment card into the machine. Your card will be registered and will be pre-authorised for the total cost of a whole day of parking or max stay available. You won’t receive a ticket. When you return to the car park, you need to check out at the machine using the same debit or credit card, and the cost for the period you have parked will be automatically deducted from your account.

  • Park Card: These cards can be purchased from the Civic Offices reception, where they can also be loaded with money. Each time the card is used, the cost of the ticket purchased is deducted from the value on the card. It means that you don’t have to find coins for the machines and it also entitles users to park at a reduced charge for all day parking.

  • Parkmobile app: Users will continue to be able to use the Parkmobile app, whereby users download the app, whereby users download the app, register on arrival in the car park and de-register on departure. Users are then charged the relevant amount. Find out more at
Why is the new system being implemented?

This system is being introduced for the benefit of those living in, working in and visiting the borough. It allows all users more options when it comes to their parking. It brings to an end the issue of people needing to hurry back to their vehicle before their ticket runs out, allowing them to visit that extra shop, finish their coffee or remain at a meeting that’s overrun.

What happens if I leave the car park without checking out?

You will be charged for the maximum stay in that car park. The amount will depend on the car park you have chosen to park in. There will be plenty of signage up in car parks to remind drivers to check-out, and as drivers become used to the new system, checking out should become second nature, as paying on exit is for car parks with barriers.

What should I do if I believe I have been wrongly charged?

Please provide full details of the time you arrived and left the car park to the parking team via

Will I still get one hour of free parking in the short stay car parks?

Yes, this will be unaffected by the implementation of the new system. If you require less than an hour of car parking, you simply need to take a ticket, as before, and display the ticket in your car. Alternatively, you can enter your registration and register a debit or credit card. As long as you return to the car park and present your card within the hour, you will not be charged. If you choose to remain in the car park for longer than one hour, you will receive the first hour’s parking for free and will begin to be charged after 60 minutes.

Can I use notes to pay?

You won’t be able to use notes to pay for your parking. You can use coins, debit or credit card or a Park Card.

Have the prices changed as a result of the new machines being installed?

No, prices for parking have not changed as a result of these new machines being installed.

Will I still have to display a ticket?

If you choose to pay by coin or card using the traditional Pay and Display system you will need to display your ticket. The machine will not issue a ticket if you’re using the check-in, check-out system.

If I use the check-out system, will money be debited from my account immediately?

We will only register a pre-authorised amount on your card when you check-in and no money will be taken from your account at this stage. Only when you check-out will your account will be debited for the amount of time you’ve been parked.

Who can I call for help?

If you’re struggling to use the machines, please call the parking team on 01256 845775 or call the contact centre on 01256 844844.

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