Popley Islands West Environmental Renewal Scheme 2020/21 - Residents Consultation

Image of map showing ERS Popley Islands West Key Plan - locations 1 to 5
Key plan showing locations 1 to 5 (PDF)[844kb] (opens in a new window)

The council’s Environmental Renewal Scheme for Popley Islands West aims to enhance communal areas and open spaces within the local neighbourhood. The work is scheduled to take place during February and March 2021.

We are seeking views from the people that live in the area and use the local green spaces so that we can focus on those issues that matter to you most when we finalise our programme of improvements.

Issues that could be dealt with by the scheme include:

  • Enhancing neglected areas.
  • Redesign of old planted areas to increase natural surveillance
  • Improving the layout of footpaths and removing inappropriate steps.
  • Reducing nuisance issues such as ball games.
  • Upgrading of open space and youth facilities.
  • Ornamental tree, hedge or bulb planting where appropriate.

Other similar types of scheme that are deemed a priority by the residents can also be considered.

Please note ERS schemes would not generally include:

  • Resident only parking.
  • Tree removal
  • Replacement of play equipment.
  • Work on land not owned by the council.

We welcome your views and once these are gathered and we have looked at the local issues raised we will draw up detailed plans and issue a full update to residents on what happens next.

Please take a look at the area plans below that show all the council owned open spaces (you can check which area includes your house on the key plan above) and complete the online survey by Friday 18 December 2020.

Complete the survey

Alternatively, paper copies of the survey can be obtained by emailing communityservices@basingstoke.gov.uk or calling 01256 844844.

Image of a map of ERS Popley Islands West Area Plan 1
Plan 1 (PDF)[537kb] opens in new window

Image of map for ERS Popley Islands West Area Plan 2
Plan 2 (PDF) [500kb] opens in new window

Image of ERS Popley Islands West Area Plan 3
Plan 3 (PDF) [600kb] opens in new window

Image of a map for ERS Popley Islands West Area Plan 4
Plan 4 (PDF) [658kb] (opens in a new window)

Image of a map for ERS Popley Islands West Area Plan 5
Plan 5 (PDF) [1.1MB] (opens in a new window)

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