History of the Mayor

The word Mayor and Major derives from the Latin word Magnus meaning great. The Office of Mayor, together with the Doomsday Book and the feudal system were brought to this country by the Normans. The Office of Mayor had existed on the continent at least since the fifth century. The first English Mayor was the Mayor of London appointed in 1189 by Richard 1.

The first Basingstoke Mayor, George Baynard, was appointed in 1641. In 1974 Basingstoke became a District Council and had a Chairman and not a Mayor, but then in 1978 Basingstoke and Deane became a borough and once again had a Mayor.

Previous Mayors

Mayors since 1990/91

Term Mayor  
2021/22 Onnalee Cubitt  
2020/21 Diane Taylor 2nd Term
2019/20 Diane Taylor  
2018/19 Sean Keating  
2017/18 Paul Frankum  
2016/17 Jane Frankum  
2015/16 Anne Court  
2014/15 Roger Gardiner  
2013/14 Dan Putty  
2012/13 Martin Biermann  
2011/12 David Leeks  
2010/11 Keith Chapman 2nd Term
2009/10 Brian Gurden  
2008/09 George Hood  
2007/08 Warwick Lovegrove  
2006/07 Tony Jones  
2005/06 Paula Baker  
2004/05 Gweneth Richardson  
2003/04 Gerald Traynor  
2002/03 Rita Burgess  
2001/02 Rose Gladys Wellman  
2000/01 Marilyn Tucker  
1999/2000 Lynden Jones  
1998/99 Derick Mirfin  
1997/98 Roger Vernon Charles Morris  
1996/97 Laurence Thomas Garland  
1995/96 John William Greenwood  
1994/95 John Leonard Shears  
1993/94 Keith James Brant  
1992/93 Keith George Chapman  
1991/92 Robert Alfred O’Bee  
1990/91 Christopher Beresford Evans  

Mayors prior to 1989/90

For details of all Mayors since the Town of Basingstoke first had a Mayor in 1641, please see the document below.

PDF document Previous Mayors to 1989/90(PDF) [290 kb]

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