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We have currently 18 health walks across Basingstoke and Deane attracting 750 to 800 walkers a month. Each walk is usually between 60 to 90 minutes, but there is no restriction to the length of walk.

However, a new accreditation is being put in place by Walk for Health with effect from early 2015 and along with it comes some new criteria. The new accreditation intends to bring Walking for Health back to its original reason for being. Here is an extract from the national website:

Walking for Health walks are aimed at people who need or want to improve their health and wellbeing by becoming more active.”

Regular – consistent walks undertaken on a frequent basis
Short – ideally (up to) 1 hour, not longer than 90 minutes
Easy – accessible to all, “particularly people who are currently inactive”

(Extract from national website:

Generally, the existing Walk for Health schemes throughout the borough will remain under the banner of the National Walking for Health Scheme. It is the introduction of the new criteria for accreditation, in particular for walks to be no longer than 90 minutes that has prompted the requirement for the new “Progression Walks” to be put in place.

A new ‘Progression Walk’ is due to be launched in early 2015, for the more experienced and fitter walker that is able to walk more than 90 minutes, up to 150 minutes. This exciting project applies much of the good practice from the original ‘Walk for Health’ sessions and will come under the umbrella of Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council.

For further information on the Progression Walk, please contact - Elinor Gold 01256 845284 or email

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