Recycling collection service

Recycling in Basingstoke and Deane is something everyone can do. We provide a fortnightly kerbside collection for all residents using a green wheelie bin. If you live in a flat you will have a larger, shared recycling bin.

It's important that only the items which can be recycled are put into your recycling bin. Dealing with the wrong material is expensive and can sometimes lead to good material being sent for incineration. For information on what can and can't be put in your green recycling bin, take a look our webpage What can I put in my recycling bag or bin?.

If you need a larger green recycling bin - you can request one by completing the form - request a larger green bin.

Your recycling should be placed clean, dry and loose into your bin and not in a plastic carrier bag or black sack. This prevents bagged recycling being mistaken for waste and sent for incineration.

Remember to put your bin out for collection by 7am on your collection day. If you are unsure of your recycling bin collection date, you can check when are my bins collected?

Please make sure you have your property number on your recycling bin, as this helps our crews return it to the correct place after it has been emptied. We can send you bin stickers to write your property number on, just complete our online form and we'll post some stickers out to you.

If you don't have a green recycling bin, or need a new one, you can order a replacement bin online.

If your bin has been missed, you can check the status of your collection.

Recycling in flats

If you live in a flat, you will probably share a communal bin for waste, recycling and glass. Waste bins are emptied every week and recycling bins are emptied every fortnight.

We want to help you get the most from the waste and recycling service and encourage you to recycle more. Please take a look at the leaflet - Waste and recycling services when you share a bin. This handy guide tells you what you can and can't recycle.

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If you have an enquiry about recycling, send a message to the Waste and Recycling Team

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