Design and Sustainability SPD

The council adopted the Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) on Design and Sustainability in September 2008 which came into effect for applications validated after 1 November 2008. Adoption of the SPD follows two periods of public consultation; Issues and Options consultation in early 2007 and draft SPD and Sustainability Appraisal consultation February to March 2008 This SPD primarily supported Saved Policy E1 of the Basingstoke and Deane Borough Local Plan 1996-2011 (now withdrawn), but continues to provide additional guidance to ensure that design and sustainability are fully considered in new developments. The SPD incorporates a number of detailed appendices.

Residential Amenity Design Guidance (Appendix 16) and Minor Amendments to the Design and Sustainability SPD - 2012

The Residential Amenity Design Guidance (Appendix 16 of the Design and Sustainability SPD) and Minor Amendments to the Design and Sustainability SPD were adopted on 28 February and 19 March 2012. The Guidance and Minor Amendments are to be used as a material consideration in the determination of planning applications validated on or after 1 April 2012. The adopted versions of the Guidance and Minor Amendments are available below.

Document Name Content
SPD (including appendices 1-3) The over-arching draft SPD providing advice and guidance on the application of policies in the Adopted Local Plan in relation to design and sustainability issues, supplemented by a number of detailed appendices
Appendix 4 - Conservation Areas Sets out the council’s aims and policies on the preservation and/or enhancement of the borough’s Conservation Areas
Appendix 5 - Construction Statements Sets out the detailed sustainability requirements for development (code level 3 and BREEAM 'very good', and a checklist for smaller schemes)
Appendix 6 - Storage and Collection of Waste and Recycling (updated 2015) Sets out the council’s requirements for the storage and collection of waste and recycling for new development, including the technical detail of bin sizes and collection vehicle dimensions
Appendix 7 - Places to Live Sets out the design principles to be considered in formulating proposals for new residential areas
Appendix 8 - Garage Court Redevelopments Sets out detailed guidance on the redevelopment and/ or improvement of communal off-street parking areas
Appendix 9 - Sub-Division of Dwellings and Houses in Multiple Occupation Sets out the detailed requirements for the consideration of proposals for the sub-division of dwellings and houses in multiple occupation (HMOs)
Appendix 10 - Residential Annexes Sets out detailed advice for the consideration of proposals for residential annexes
Appendix 11 - Industrial Design Guide Sets out detailed advice for proposals to develop or redevelop the industrial areas of Basingstoke
Appendix 12 - Shopfronts and Advertisements Sets out detailed advice for proposals for new shopfronts or adverts
Appendix 13 - Extending Your Home and Replacement Dwellings Sets out detailed advice on the most appropriate means of adding extensions to your home and also on replacement dwellings in the countryside.
Appendix 14 - Countryside Design Summary Explains the design relationship between the landscape, settlement patterns and buildings
Appendix 15 - Tall Buildings Policy Sets out guidance on the location and design of tall buildings in Basingstoke
Appendix 16 - Residential Amenity Design Guidance Gives guidance on the provision of amenity space, the maintenance of privacy, and access to natural light for dwellings
Urban Character Study for Basingstoke Identifies the key features which contribute to the character of an area and helps to inform decisions on the types of change an area can accommodate without losing its distinctiveness

Hard copies of each of the documents are available on request from the Local Plan team.

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