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Application for tree works - Works to trees subject to a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) and/or Notification of proposed works to trees in conservation areas

Applications to fell or undertake works covered by a Tree Preservation Order.

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Planning Application Requirements

The following Plans and Supporting Documents are required to meet National and Local requirements. They may be either Conditional or Mandatory. Review the Condition/Trigger to determine if that requirement applies to your application.

Requirements are marked with L=Local, N=National, C=Conditional, M=Mandatory.

Plan Requirements

(NM) Application form

Completed form (original plus 1 copy to be supplied unless the application is submitted electronically).

(NM) Tree Applications

2 copies of:

  • completed and dated application form, with all [mandatory] questions answered;
  • sketch plan showing the location of all tree(s);
  •  a full and clear specification of the works to be carried out;
  •  statement of reasons for the proposed work; and
  • evidence in support of statement of reasons where required by the standard application form
For works to trees in conservation areas, it is important to supply precise and detailed information on your proposal. You may, therefore, wish to provide the following:
  •  completed and dated form, with all questions answered;
  •   sketch plan showing the precise location of all tree(s); and
  •    a full and clear specification of the works to be carried out.
Whether the trees are protected by a TPO or in a conservation area, please indicate which of the following types of additional information you are submitting:
  • photographs
  •  report by a tree professional (arboriculturist) or other
  •  details of any assistance or advice sought from a Local Planning Authority officer prior to submitting this form.

Supporting Document Requirements

(LC) Tree Survey/Arboricultural Implications.

You may find it helpful to complete the supporting information form which can be downloaded above. This will help to ensure that we have all the necessary information required to process your application quickly and efficiently."


Condition / Trigger

Required for all applications where trees or hedgerows are proposed to be lost or would be affected by the development. Proposals affecting trees and the wider landscape should include reference to the following guidance: Tree Policy document

Policy Requirement

BS  5837 2012: Trees in relation to design, demolition and construction - recommendations BDLP 2011-2029 Policy EM1.  

Landscape, Biodiversity and Trees SPD.


The fee payable is dependent on a number of factors.
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