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Planning Application Requirements

The following Plans and Supporting Documents are required to meet National and Local requirements. They may be either Conditional or Mandatory. Review the Condition/Trigger to determine if that requirement applies to your application.

Requirements are marked with L=Local, N=National, C=Conditional, M=Mandatory.

Plan Requirements

(LM) Planning Application Additional Information Requirement Form

Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council is now a CIL charging authority (since 25/06/2018) and this means additional information is required to determine whether a charge is due and to determine the amount. Applicants are required to answer additional questions to enable the authority to calculate levy liability. Details of the charging zones are set out in the CIL Charging Schedule.

The additional form can be found on the Planning Portal

(NM) Location Plan

2 copies of a plan which identifies the land to which the application relates drawn to an identified standard metric scale (typically 1:1250 or 1:2500 for larger sites) and should show:

  • the direction north
  • sufficient roads and/or buildings on land adjoining the application site
  • the application site boundary and all land necessary to carry out the proposed development i.e. land required for access to the site from the road, outlined in red
  • A blue line should be drawn around any other land owned by the applicant that is close to or adjacent to the property.

When using Ordnance Survey mapping for planning applications, the map should:

  1. Not be a Land Registry document
  2. Not be used for multiple applications
  3. Show OS Crown copyright as a an acknowledgment
  4. Not be a photocopy or screen grab image
  5. Not to be copied from existing OS mapping if using hand drawn maps – such as standard sheets.
  6. Show the correct licence number if you wish to print or copy maps for applications

(LC) All necessary drawings, documents, materials to demonstrate and/or support the submission


The fee payable is dependent on a number of factors.
Click here for documents which explain how to calculate the fee for your application

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