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Sign up or renew your garden waste subscription

How much does the service cost?

Once we have received your application, we aim to deliver your bin within 7 to 10 days of your collection starting. The amount you pay includes the cost of the bin and an annual service charge. Prices are valid up to 31 March 2025.

  • 140 litre bin = £97 per year (£42 for the bin and £55 annual service charge)
  • 240 litre bin = £122 per year (£42 for the bin, £80 annual service charge)

We offer a discounted service for residents who receive Housing Benefit or Council Tax benefit. The prices, valid up to 31 March 2025, are below:

  • 140 litre bin = £71 per year. (£42 for the bin, £29 annual service charge)
  • 240 litre bin = £96 per year. (£42 for the bin, £54 annual service charge)

Please call 01252 622122 if you would like to sign up to the discounted price. You will need to provide proof of your benefit.

Renew your garden waste subscription

Your subscription is valid for 12 months from the date you joined. We will send you a reminder letter four weeks before your renewal date.

If you have received your reminder and want to renew your subscription, please complete the renewal form

To renew your garden waste, you will need to provide:

  • your contact details including your address and telephone number
  • confirmation if you still have your bin or would like to order a new one
  • payment details including a valid credit or debit card

If you were due to renew your garden waste subscription, all subscriptions have been extended to cover any collections missed during suspension of service, any delays in collections, and any missed collections reported to us.

Garden waste information

You will receive 25 garden waste collections per year, once a fortnight on your designated day. We don’t collect garden waste over the Christmas and New Year break.

Other important information to consider:

  • collection days remain the same throughout the year. The collection dates won’t change for bank holidays
  • the service is for domestic premises only. We will collect grass cuttings, hedge trimmings, cut flowers, weeds, leaves, twigs and prunings.
  • Your bins must be out for collection at the nearest point to the public highway by 6am May to August and from 6.30am September to April.
  • only official HDC bins with address tags showing collection information will be emptied
  • our crews will only collect the number of bins that you have paid for
  • the cost of the service is non-refundable, however if you move within the district, you can transfer the service to your new address. If you move outside of the borough, you can transfer the service to another resident. Please give us 10 working days to process the changes and also note that collection dates may change.
  • if your bin goes missing, is damaged or stolen, you will need to purchase a replacement.
  • if a collection cannot be made due to bins being overweight or containing the wrong items, our crews will leave a tag with an explanation
  • if your collection has been missed, please visit visit our missed bin webpage,
  • if unavoidable delays occur, collections may be made on a Saturday
  • we will update our website if the service is impacted by adverse weather or other widespread issues
  • our crews will not return if your bin was not presented in the correct location by 6am May to August and from 6.30am September to April.

If the contents of your garden waste container are frozen, our crews will attempt to empty it. If the contents are stuck and this is not possible, please return your container to your property and put out on your next scheduled collection day.

To request this service online you will need a valid credit or debit card (we accept Visa, Delta, Electron, MasterCard and Maestro).

Your details

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Service details

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Privacy notice

We share the information you provide through this form within Hart District Council, to provide our bin collection services to you. We also share this data with Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council and Serco who help us deliver these services. We have a data sharing agreement in place to do this. We will not disclose any information to other organisations unless we are required to by law, or to prevent fraud.

For further details on how your information is used, how we maintain the security of your information and your rights, including how to access information we hold on you and how to complain if you have any concerns about how your personal details are processed, please read our privacy statement.