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The Social Inclusion Partnership in Basingstoke and Deane is working towards real change

Seeing someone sleeping on the streets might raise a mixture of feelings and thoughts. You might be wondering how someone became homeless, or not quite know what to do or how best to help. The Social Inclusion Partnership, which includes a range of specialist, voluntary, statutory, faith and community groups, charities and people with experience of rough sleeping, has some suggestions and insights in how we can all help.

In November 2016 an official count estimated 26 people were sleeping on the borough’s streets at any one time. Residents and businesses can help make a real difference by giving spare change or time to provide the right support to those who need it most. This will be given to specialist support agencies who will work directly with people sleeping rough. Their aim is to reduce homelessness and rough sleeping locally.

‘Real Change, Not Loose Change’ aims to raise awareness of homelessness in the borough and how people can support efforts to reduce this. The aim is to provide care, give the help to find housing, support and help people get back on track financially and emotionally. Many people living regularly on the streets are socially isolated. They may have experienced significant traumas in their lives such as bereavement, childhood abuse and PTSD. Their lives have spiralled, with financial difficulties, relationship break down and increased alcohol and or drug use.

People can support the 'Real Change' campaign by

  • Contacting Streetlink on 0300 500 0914 or visit if you are worried about someone sleeping rough.
  • Support local homelessness charities and services by donating time or money as an alternative to giving direct to people on the streets.

Several times a year the Social Inclusion Partnership through the Real Change campaign will run crowd funding campaigns to support local homelessness charities and details will be available here and the crowdfunding site

How you can help

There are many ways you can help be it donating your spare change to local homelessness charities, groups and services, giving your time to volunteer, or donating food or bedding.

Give your time

You can donate your time by:

There are many hundreds of different ways to help the whole community in Basingstoke and Deane through volunteering your time, once a week, once a month or even once a year! To find out more, including ways to help rough sleepers and the vulnerably housed, as well as youth, older people, the environment, disabled groups and much more, please check out or call the Volunteer Centre on 01256 423850.

Donate your spare change

We are delighted to announce that fundraising for our second campaign to open Camrose Day Centre for a third day a week – on a Friday has been successful. The £5,000 total has been reached and exceeded thanks to donations.

This follows the successful campaign raise £14,000 to provide funding to the the Night Light winter shelter and a wet room for the Camrose Centre.

The Social Inclusion Partnership is overwhelmed by the generosity of those people who have donated and would like to thank everyone for their support so far.

Visit for more information. Alternatively, please donate to local homelessness charities or services.

Donate food, bedding, clothing

To donate non-perishable food, sleeping bags, bedding, clothing contact the Camrose Centre at 01256 327858 or email

Volunteering with the MEAM Outreach Team

A service for people who are living on the streets, aiming to change lives. To donate your time, call 01256 423821 or email For more information

Thank you for your support.


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