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Statement on the council's land ownership at The Camrose Stadium

News release 10197, published on 09 Jun 2022
Following a question raised at a meeting of Council on Thursday 19 May, find below a statement from the council on the land in its ownership at The Camrose Stadium.

Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Finance and Property Cllr John Izett said: “The council’s land, which is approximately 1.94 acres, was not included in the area of the recent planning appeal for the redevelopment of the Camrose site.

“While the council holds the freehold of this 1.94-acre area, it is subject to a ground lease of 92 years from June 1960 at a rent of £65 per year to Basingstoke Town Limited, which expires in 2052.

“Discussions had taken place with Hampshire County Council, as the highways authority, about a Camrose link road option as part of the wider improvement scheme for Brighton Hill roundabout which would have included some of this land. However, the county council has confirmed that, with no funding available from the Enterprise M3 Local Enterprise Partnership for this part of the scheme, it is not able to progress with the link road option at the current time.

“The current value of the council’s interest in the land at the Camrose site is based on its existing use and the ground lease to Basingstoke Town Limited does not expire for another 30 years. However, circumstances such as changes to the planning context of the council’s land may affect the value of the land. The value of the land would need to be assessed if the council were to consider any future sale and would be subject to an independent valuation in accordance with section 123 of the Local Government Act 1972 to secure the best value for council tax payers in the borough.

“We have no current plans to dispose of this land however if any party was to approach the council for this freehold section of land to be included in any future scheme, the council would review the option to dispose of this land at that point in time.”

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