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Campaign aims to deter antisocial behaviour

News release 8486, published on 03 Jul 2019
Community Safety Patrol Officers at Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council are hot on the heels of antisocial behaviour with a campaign aimed at encouraging youngsters to be considerate when out and about during the summer holiday period.  

Officers will be focusing on five key areas during the ‘Safer Summer’ campaign – cycling, ball games, climbing, socialising and littering. 

Incidents of antisocial behaviour rise during the summer months and it is hoped that the campaign, which highlights how youngsters can play outside in a way that doesn’t impact negatively on others, will reduce the number of reports. 

Cabinet Member for Communities, Culture and Partnerships Cllr Simon Bound explained: “It’s great that young people are out and about and playing during the summer months.

“This is something we want to encourage. But we want to ensure that this isn’t impacting negatively on others. Even what is perceived as ‘low level’ antisocial behaviour, when targeted and persistent, can have a real impact individuals, communities and local businesses. 

“For instance, cycling in a responsible way is great – but speeding through the town centre doing wheelies is antisocial.

“Climbing in play parks is something we want to promote, but trespassing and climbing on other’s property is irresponsible and illegal.

"It's great to meet up with your friends, but gathering in front of shops in large groups can be intimidating to others." 

During the campaign, which will run until the end of August, officers will be conducting high visibility patrols to reassure communities and will be working with partner agencies to tackle antisocial behaviour.

To report incidents of antisocial behaviour, please call 101. In an emergency, always call 999.  

The Community Safety Patrol team conduct campaigns throughout the year to tackle ongoing problems. They can be contacted directly by emailing or by calling the borough council on 01256 844844.
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