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Work on Hampshire's first dedicated Electric Vehicle Charging Hub at Feather's Yard is underway

News release 9715, published on 13 Aug 2020
There will be more opportunities for motorists to drive cleaner and greener in Basingstoke’s town centre while supporting targets to reduce carbon emissions, following the start of work to create the first dedicated electric vehicle (EV) charging hub in Hampshire.

After a delay due to the coronavirus pandemic, work to create the ‘green hub’ at Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council’s Feathers Yard Car Park in the town centre is now in progress thanks to a contribution of £75,000 approved by councillors last year.

The hub of six chargers supports the council’s Climate Emergency target to work towards a carbon neutral borough by 2030 and offers electric vehicle drivers a convenient and dedicated car park with a better choice of chargers. The current 22 kWh EV rapid charger is being relocated from Central Car Park to Feather’s Yard and three additional dual fast chargers are being added. Parking will be free for plug in vehicles when the works are complete – which is expected to be by the end of August.

The rapid charger is capable of charging a standard electric vehicle from near empty to 80% capacity in just 40 minutes and the fast chargers can charge from empty to 100% in two to five hours, depending on car and battery capacity.

Cabinet Member for Environment and Enforcement Cllr Hayley Eachus said: “This is a really positive step forward towards supporting motorists to look to more environmentally friendly methods of travel. We are proud to be able to offer electric vehicle drivers a dedicated facility which is easy to locate, offers real choice and is the first of its kind in the county. We have set ourselves ambitious targets through our Climate Emergency declaration and we are taking them very seriously. Creating this hub is a small but significant step towards achieving our goals. We all have a really important part to play in reducing carbon emissions in the borough and methods of travel will have a huge impact on this.”

Find out more about the current electric vehicle changing points in the town centre at  

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