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Don’t just dump it if you want to donate

News release 9749, published on 17 Jul 2020
Basingstoke and Deane residents wanting to donate their clothing and textiles at the borough council's recycling sites are being urged to check if their chosen charity has resumed collections before taking items to the recycling bank.

Many charities stopped collecting donations of clothing or textiles during the pandemic and have only just resumed them. Residents have continued to bring items to the Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council owned sites creating a build up at some sites, which is not only classed as fly-tipping but also presents a fire risk.

As a result, the sites are having to be cleared by the council's waste crew rather than benefitting the charities they were intended for.

To ensure the charities benefit from these donations, residents are being asked to hold on to items if the banks are full and not to leave bags on the ground beside them.

Cabinet Member for Environment and Enforcement Cllr Hayley Eachus said: "We actively encourage recycling and reuse and know how important these donations are to charities. We also understand that some residents have used the long period of lockdown to have a sort out at home to donate reusable items to deserving charities.

"However, we ask that residents do not leave donations at the sites if the banks are full. We have seen more incidents of items being dumped at our sites and we are now taking steps to increase our patrols of these areas to stamp out this fly-tipping."

There are 59 textile bins at the council's recycling sites across the borough. Find out more about the sites and where they are located at

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